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July 2016 Concentrates Of The Month

July 09, 2016 | WillFerguson

Reviews of THC-A Space Dust and Blood Orange Sativa White Chocolates.


tch-a-score.jpgAtom Laboratories has brought a new concentrated form of THC into the developing Oregon marketplace. These tiny THC crystals are best for dipping dabs into as they easily coat a sticky surface. I dipped a dab of Dirty Arm Farm Sour Diesel into the THC-A for my first try and I was completely blown away. 

There was almost no taste, as the Sour Diesel terpenes were dominant throughout the dab. 

As for the high, I haven’t been this medicated since I first smoked Cannabis back in high school. The effects are incredibly cerebral, euphoric, and energetic, making this THC-A an ideal option for medicating during the workday. A few dabs coated in the pure THC had me energized and focused for multiple hours as I was able to go about my day normally while still feeling medicated. I would suggest Space Dust to the experienced smoker, as the effects are rather racy and euphoric.



blood-orange-score.jpgWyld Canna is already well-known for their delicious Raspberry-sativa and marionberry-indica gummies that grace many Portland dispensary shelves and satisfied customers’ tummies. The white chocolates are no exception to this delicious distinction. The chocolates come in three flavors and effects: peach indica, strawberry hybrid and blood orange sativa. 

I tried the blood orange white chocolate after a long day at work. Not thinking it would do much, I went about my night as normal. About an hour later, when I was grabbing some groceries, the white chocolate hit me. A strong sense of euphoria washed over me as I selected my pasta. The high is functional, yet cerebral, making this edible ideal for daytime use amongst medical and recreational consumers. ($2-3 per chocolate).



dutch-banner-score2.jpgElevate Cannabis has delivered a full Hulk smash with their Dutch Banner Shatter.  A beautiful translucent golden color draws in the eye and the shatter/snap-n-pull consistency makes it a breeze to handle on the dabber. 

The Dutch Banner hits smooth and is great for studying or going out for a hike and finding focus.

The familiar pine and lemon terpenes from the Dutch Treat subtly shines through when the bag is opened, while the Bruce Banner flavor lingers on the tongue when you exhale after dabbing this golden goodness.  

There is also no real associated anxiety for those sensitive to hybrids — it can even be nice and sleepy at the end of the high.  

At 88.1 percent total cannabinoids, you won't be disappointed when this shatter hits the nail.  

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