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July 2017 Strains of the Month: Carl Sagan and More

July 05, 2017 | NORTHWEST LEAF

July's strains of the month are Carl Sagan, Platinum Huckleberry Cookies, and Cherry Pie.


Opening the glass unleashes a wave of tropical composting earth with a pine needles and guava front and a sour chocolate bubba finish. This is a rich and deeply complex strain that you keep smelling even as the nose crinkles and the sour funk confuses the palate. This is nothing but an irresistible funk.

Deep hits of the Carl Sagan bring a slightly sweeter smoke than expected, with a light expansion and an easy exhale that leaves with stronger notes of the bubba-funk. The effects are almost instant and start up top, with a euphoric energy that fills the body and mind. This is a great strain for creative work or the morning, and is the perfect way to start out a busy day.

This sativa dominant hybrid draws its lineage from 98 Bubba Kush crossed with Blue Moon Rocks, both of which are present in the final product. The bud structure is all Bubba, with color and frosty traits inherited from the Blue Moon Rocks. Together the genetics combine for a Cannabis experience that delivers an out of this world high.

All of which is perfectly fitting for bearing the name of Carl Sagan, renowned astronomer and scientist who inspired generations to look out in the cosmos in wonder and excitement. Sagan was also a Cannabis activist and we like to think he would enjoy sparking up some of this fire. Grown by Fruit of the Root // 25.28% THC

Available from Recreational Cannabis stores. Find a list of locations at


Roots Life Farm is an OLCC licensed indoor operation that produces craft, small batch Cannabis.

Their Cherry Pie is a classic indica-dominant strain that has been used to breed well-known cultivars. The nugs are a dark purple hue and just covered in glistening, undisturbed trichomes.

Opening the jar uncovers a cheesy, funky and earthy profile that immediately dominates the senses.

The cure is perfect, as each calyx snaps off the stem with ease, yet still contains the desired moisture for the perfect smoke. Bowls burn to a complete white ash, suggesting a true flush of nutrients.

Black pepper, lavender and hints of sweet cream hit the palate first followed by a burnt rubber flavor that was apparent on the exhale.

A few joints of this Cherry Pie had me asleep on the couch at 5 p.m., making this a great option to combat insomnia, chronic pain and anxiety. This batch was double tested with the same result of over 40% Beta-Myrcene from Anova Laboratories in Hood River.

Look for more Roots Life Farm flower to hit OLCC retailers soon — they have just harvested their next round of flower! 14.41% THC

Available from Gorge Green Cross |  Hood River // //


An instant classic, this frosty and flavorful strain combines the best of Girl Scout Cookies and Oregon Huckleberry for a strain experience that is truly legendary.

Truthfully, this is some of the best weed we have seen anywhere on the West Coast, let alone Alaska. The small batch farming and true love and care for the plants, combined with great genetics produced a beautiful flower that is perfect in every single way.

The bud structure is large and conical with a medium-high density and a crisp snap when broken open. Every bit of surface area is covered in a true frosting of trichomes that leaves a paste of finger hash on every surface the flower touches. With beautiful Cookies colors, this flower has tremendous bag appeal before even opening one up.

A sniff of this flower is like opening a jar of huckleberry jam, all warm fruit flavored in the front and a truly sublime Cookies background that compliments with earthy, fuel and rich Kush. A subtle balancing act between fresh fruit and classic Cookies, this is a unique cut that has us excited about Cookies again!

Tokes of the flower are sharply sweet with a light expansion and a mild exhale, making fat inhales a quick way to reach a heady high. The first effects hit the mind, with a cloudy haze of THC that settles in amid relaxing and calming vibes. Body effects follow shortly, with a heavy indica buzz that is both sedative while keeping a euphoric clear mind. Perfect for day-time with nothing major on the agenda, or in the evening for relaxation or pain, we loved the effects on this new classic strain.

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