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June 2014 Micro Strains

June 03, 2014 | BobMontoya

Each month we'll highlight growers crafting strains with the goal of helping specific needs, not necessarily obtaining the highest yields


June takes me to a private grower
that has his own “spin” on a couple popular mainstay strains. One of the wonders of this noble plant is its ability to adapt or react to an environment that is contrary to its genetic preference. 

Arch, the grower, has taken a popular approach to nutrition that is becoming popular among purists that have shunned artificial nutrients for 100-percent organic versions. 

His variation of a popular mainstay Sativa plant is called Vegan Haze. All of his nutrients are vegan certified. I have smelled some horrible “teas” concocted to add that special something to the flowering period, but the ones Arch uses are really pleasant smelling and of course the photos speak for themselves. Arch D Jay mixes music. His incredible concentration is enhanced by the strong psychoactive properties of the LSD strain. Its creative enhancing properties make for finer concentration when adjusting the many variables in play when transitioning from one beat to the next. 

The Vegan Haze, under normal conditions Super Silver Haze, is tamed by the Vegan influence to ease his intractable pain, something not expected from this strain without his Vegan approach to feeding his plants.

LSD‘s THC content has been measured up to 24% and 1.3% CBD, while Vegan Haze has 19.5% THC and 1.4% CBD.

Much can be learned from patients with specific needs who take the time and effort to turn common strains into their own Micro Strains.

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