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June 2016 Strains Of The Month

June 08, 2016 | NORTHWEST LEAF

Berry Breath, Platinum Girl Scout Cookies, and Tres Sister.


Berry breath combines a unique breeding history that began in 2012 with passion and quality to make for a truly sensational flavor and uplifting high.

For all the “South Park” fans out there, this strain will have special meaning; the only way to describe the flavor of Berry Breath is Mint Berry Crunch. 

Known as a misunderstood superhero on the show’s miniseries “Coon and Friends,” the character of combines the power of mint and berry with a satisfying crunch, and is completely misunderstood. 

Opening a jar of the Berry Breath releases the power of Mint Berry Crunch. 

It’s that telltale minty flavor, with hints of sour cookies and a solid and loud berry finish. 

The flower is cured perfectly and delivers a satisfying snap and crunch when preparing a joint or bowl, and burns with a light and fresh smoke that tastes just like the bag appeal.

Hybrid high effects are quick to hit the mind, coming back again in slow waves. We found our mind racing with creativity and euphoria while the body effects settled in slowly, creating a warping effect with nice balance. After a few bowls you can end up on the couch with this strain, but your mind will be in the clouds. 

Overcoming the time warp high and getting active on this strain is what’s really fun, with effects that make the body feel a little slower but also physically lighter, turning any activity (even cleaning), into a fun and productive experience. We recommend rolling up a joint of this strain as the night starts to creep in, and a midnight session is the perfect way to end a day.

It’s not hard to see why this strain has won awards at the NW Cannabis Classic, and Berry Breath was voted second place in the Bud of the Year contest at Potluck events. With enjoyably powerful effects, great looks and a flavor that is out of this world, Berry Breath is a unique and tasty experience. 

Look for this and more in the fall as the recreational market comes online across the state of Alaska.

Berry Breath Lineage since 2012

Grateful Breath (Gage Green Group 2014, OGKB female (OG Kush Breath (Cookies, Berner the Rapper Thin Mint variation), Joe OG male(it's their goto OG Kush male, from the Underdog OG originally) CROSSED WITH Blackberry Goji OG, (PNW Blackberry cut (Blueberry x Afghani)) female, Goji OG Kush from Bodhi Seeds (Nepalese OG x Appalachia)


Ten Four Farms (formerly Small Axe Farms) are experts at cultivating this unknown cross of Girl Scout Cookies. The buds are incredibly dense and deep purple in color. Cracking the jar reveals a cookie dough-like smell that is complimented by a peppery nose. 

A grinder is definitely needed to break down these rock-hard nugs. I enjoyed these cookies in a few Raw cones after work. The presence of the terpene humulene gives these Cookies a relaxing, yet cerebral effect. 

The high is very functional and great for boosting motivation. The clean and smooth smoke yielded ash that burned bright white the duration of the joint. 

I would recommend this strain to patients and consumers looking for a functional high that is ideal for medicating any time of the day.

The Ten Four Farms crew abides by strict organic practices that produce some of the cleanest flowers around town. 

Custom-blended soil, years of research and development on their nutrient regimen and a proper cure make these among the tastiest Cookies we have tried.

Grown by @tenfourfarms | 26.56% thc 0.09% cbd // 

Available From Pure Green

3738 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, OR 97232

(971) 242-8561


Our last true medical strain of the month is a real time warper that we recommend trying during this last month of medical access. 

The solid, thick buds of the Tres Sister are covered in trichomes that visibly sparkle in an enticing fashion. Opening a jar unleashes a thick and visceral smell of fermented chocolate fuel and sour Chem, with undertones of a musky and earthy variety. This is a pungent bud as loud as artisan medical Cannabis gets.

Snapping open a bud delivers a delightful snap, with light stickiness and a deep rush of flavor. Fire Bros did an amazing job growing and curing this top-shelf flower, and it performs equally well rolled or packed into a smoking device. 

We enjoyed long, slow-burning joints of the flower, which seemed to take even longer as the effects hit. Time slowed down and the environment outside the body seemed to grow thicker, almost as if moving through a cloud. Body effects were quick and took care of pain without slowing down physical movement. 

All the major effects of this strain start in the head and last for a solid 2-3 hours, ending with a gentle come down into the normal dimension.

We enjoyed this strain the most in the late afternoon, perfect for a 420 break, but patients with heavy pain tolerance will find this useful at all times of the day. Be sure to try this strain out and grab as much medicinal flower as possible for patients while you still can.



14702 Hwy 99, Lynnwood, WA 98087 (425) 582-9385

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