Kush Creams Expanding

June 06, 2017 | NORTHWEST LEAF

The award-winning topical company Kush Creams is launching into the rec marketplace through a partnership with Deep Green and Perma Cannabis. Product photo by Daniel Berman | Portrait by Kristen Angelo.


One of the longest continually running and most lauded topical companies in the country, Kush Creams has a renowned reputation for quality, consistency and medicinal benefits across the entire line of topicals. As a heritage medical Cannabis company, the launch into I-502 represents new access for consumers and patients alike seeking topical relief in the recreational market.

“We are super thrilled, right off the bat, to align ourselves with the most widely recognized and awarded product in medical Cannabis. Am I excited? Just a little! The phone is ringing off the wall, we have a limited first batch with more coming soon,” said Deep Green Extracts Owner Cat Jeter, who helped to connect Kush Creams and Perma. 

“The patients are excited to see it back on the market, retailers are excited to see an historical product on the shelf, and Deep Green is so proud to be the conduit!”

As a company, Kush Creams has won awards for their line that covers a huge variety of topicals, including pain creams, face and eye cream and emu oil based creams that are all effective for medical or recreational use. The best part about Kush Creams is the quality of the topicals, which is first and foremost, on top of the Cannabinoids included inside. 

The initial product launch this month includes the classic Permafrost cream, a strong pain reliever that is also really effective for migraines, plus a new flavor, Mojito, and a sensitive skin cream called Natural Sensi. 


All the products utilize the original formulas that founder Megan Schwarting created and brought to market.

“I am extremely happy to get to bring my topicals into the recreational market,” Schwarting said passionately. “It feels incredible to be serving people again, and giving a new market the chance to try out our products!”

For Jeter, the partnership represents more than a new sales opportunity. The return of a heritage product is a sign that the industry is moving forward in the right direction. 

“This is market expansion, us bringing Kush Creams to new people who were not ill enough to need a medical recommendation, but who still have sore muscles, a headache… we all have maladies that can be helped by these Cannabis products in a non-acute way,” Jeter said.

“I think the most important thing to take from this partnership is the fact that those of us that have been legacy providers that have been left behind have had to imagine new ways in which we operate to carry on and go forward,” Jeter said, “so with Kush Creams and Deep Green we had to imagine ourselves with a new 502 partner, Perma, and provide the guidance, brand support and legacy know-how to bring these seasoned and vetted products back into the market.”

Jeter said that the search to find a partner and bring her own products, Deep Green Extracts, to market has been a long and difficult process spanning three years. 

Now that she’s found a quality partner in Perma, she is hoping to help other heritage brands transition into the 502 market place. “We are looking for other historical brands left out of the market, and we would like to help talk with them about licensing and help bring products back to the market,” Jeter said.  “That’s how the legacy of medical Cannabis will continue to live on!”

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