Let Our People Grow

February 02, 2017 | WES ABNEY

In a state that has sold over a billion dollars in legal pot, it is a felony by law for a person here to have a single Cannabis plant.



let-our-people-grow-w.jpgashington state is the only one to have “legalized” while maintaining a felony for average citizens to grow their own plants. This is a massive fraud against the people of Washington, and perpetrates the continuation of the War on Drugs and a new tax on drugs. We must end this system that still disproportionately targets the poor and people of color for arrest, and free our people and plant from laws that violate our humanity and fundamental freedoms.

Washington citizens absolutely should not live in fear of growing a plant that is proven to have massive medical and recreational benefits. Especially when we have an overregulated and overtaxed system that controls the legal dispensing of the plant. The Liquor and Cannabis Board currently rules over a hegemonic cartel of pot, creating rules for their special class of license holders, while directing law enforcement towards the dangerous “black market.”

let-our-people-grow-around-country-quote.jpgWhy would the state want to continue their War on Drugs? Why do certain 502 businesses spend tens of thousands of dollars lobbying each year to make sure our people don’t have the right to grow a plant? Because they want to control it, tax it and be the only ones to profit from it.

The Washington State constitution states clearly that no corporation shall be granted special rights or privileges not available to citizens, but 502 has done exactly that. It has created a special class of citizens who are encouraged to grow pot for massive profit and tax while our state denies that right to its constituents. When you criminalize nature, you criminalize humanity. It is as simple as that. 

Our experiment with legalization has shown that growing or selling pot has no negative effects, and we need to stop pot arrests. Every other state that has legalized has given their citizens the right to harvest their own plant, and it is time that Washington state caught up with the times.

What bills are pending?

HB-1092, introduced by Rep. Sherry Appleton (D-Poulsbo), would legalize up to six plants in a home and up to 24 ounces of usable Cannabis. This would effectively give all adults and those choosing to use Cannabis medicinally the right and ability to meet their needs and exercise their freedoms. 

Northwest Leaf supports HB-1092!

HB-2629 is sponsored by Reps Blake, Condatta and Farrell and would also legalize up to six plants and 24 ounces for personal use. Northwest Leaf also supports HB-2629! Both bills would deliver the freedom and rights that our citizens need!

What can you do?

Call, email or set an in-person appointment with your legislator to let them know you support and want the right to grow a plant! Our lawmakers are often disconnected from the laws they vote on, and even hearing from as few as 5-15 citizens can be enough to sway their vote. It is our duty in a democracy to inform them of our opinions, feelings and desires, and this is how we can create meaningful representation in Olympia for all matters, not just Cannabis. Please reach out to bring freedom to our people and plant and end arrests for pot prisoners. 

Speak out! Tell your representatives you support HB 1092 for home grow: App.Leg.WA.Gov/DistrictFinder

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