Live Resin Reviews: Corner Stone and Bear OG

May 06, 2017 | NORTHWEST LEAF

By Will Ferguson and Wes Abney. Photos by Daniel Berman.


live-resin-score-1.jpgExtracted by Cascade Extracts and Oregonized Concentrates. Grown by Midori Farms // Berries dipped in gasoline is the first thing that comes to mind when opening a fresh gram of Corner Stone Live Resin. This cross of Headwrecker and Joseph OG was bred by Gage Green Group and cultivated to perfection by Midori Farms. The extract came packaged in a PTFE sheet inside a Mylar envelope.

The consistency is like wet sugar, making it rather easy to scoop up dabs of all sizes. The taste is complex and multilayered. Notes of berries, cream, fuel and a hint of earthiness hit the palate first, followed by anise, menthol and lavender. Each hit is smooth and tasty leaving behind a golden pool of decarboxylated cannabinoids and terpenes to be mopped up by a Q-tip. The effect is both stimulating, yet relaxing, providing me with a clear, energetic, focused and creative high that’s great for midday use. 

A few packs of this live resin are still available at various retailers around town.  More flavors are headed to the rec market soon from Cascade Extracts as they finalize licensing.

Available at Parlour Cannabis, Foster Buds, and Westside Wellness.


77.4% THC, 25ppm residual solvency // A true OG-lovers OG, the Bear OG hails from the OG #17 which is known as “Bear” and an unknown cross, thought by some to be Biker Kush. A potent hybrid, the live resin captures the absolute essence of this unique strain. 

The effects hit quickly in the mind, with an uplifting buzz that builds in intensity over the first hour. It’s mind-numbing, in a euphoric and pleasant way, and detaches from the body more than numbing it. This hybrid is fun in the daytime, or perfect for relaxing in the evening.

We really enjoy the packaging of this product on several levels too, which is a rarity for concentrates. The window on the bag combined with the Oil Slick Clear transparent oil packaging allows the beautiful oil to be seen and admired. Dabbing the live resin from the nonstick surface is a breeze.

bear-og-live-resin-score.jpgThe team at Amber Brick hails from the medical Cannabis industry, and treats their processing as if still providing for patients. This means the highest standards and a true love for their product, and it is shown both in the quality and the care for how it is processed. Especially the residual solvents, which are extremely low, and a sign of a quality processing method. The live resin has a wet and crystal-like texture and an incredibly potent and loud flavor that sticks to the fingers like fresh terpenes and jumps out of the package. 

The first notes of the flavor are all OG, with dark and rich fuel dominating a sour funk that fills the mind, right when the bright lemon finish cuts through and delivers a sweet finish. Dabbing this at low temperature delivers that perfect flavor sensation, with a heady sour funk front and the kiss of lemons on the clean exhale.

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