Magic Number Ginger Beer Review

January 02, 2018 | WillFerguson

The ginger beers are effective for quelling nausea and stomach pains.


magic-number-ginger-beer-1.jpgMagic Number is an edible company from Bend, Oregon that specializes in medicated ginger beer and cold brew coffee.

The ginger beer line has three different strengths: 3mg, 10mg and 25mg of THC which gives consumers of all tolerances a chance to try it. The drink has a strong ginger kick to it, complemented by a complete absence of any Cannabis taste. The effects are sedative and calming and quick to take effect.

The high ginger content is also effective for quelling nausea and stomach pains, making this a great option for consumers with digestive sensitivities. Magic Number ginger beers are one of the most cost-effective edibles we’ve found on the market.

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