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March 2017 Strains of the Month

March 02, 2017 | NORTHWEST LEAF

The strains of the month are Northwest Pineapple, Thin Mint Cookies, and White Lemon.


A mom-and-pop operation in Port Townsend is saving their family farm by growing a totally new crop at an exceptionally high level. Treehawk Farms is bringing the fire with their unique and flavorful blend of Master Kush and Pineapple in this delicious Northwest Pineapple.

The buds are purple leafed and thickly coated in frosty trichomes, and have a solid density and strong smell that oozes out of the glass jars. The beautiful flower has earthy chocolate notes with a sweet loamy PineSol undertone, with a hidden sharp sweetness lingering in the background.

Cracking open a nug smells like a rich Northwest forest after a rain, with bright highs and deep lows blending for a complex flavor profile. Packed into sealed glass, this premium flower is perfectly preserved for smoking and has top shelf bag appeal from the get-go. The flower is nicely cured, with an easy snap and solid but balanced density that is great in a bowl or joint. There is very little stickiness but a ton of smell on the crack, with teasing tastes of what is to come.

The flower burns quickly and lightly, with heady voluminous smoke that fills the lungs swiftly, but exists with a light and mellow exhale. 

Each hit is smooth and easy but produces big effects. The initial high is both heady and numbing to the body; a tip of the hat to the hybrid nature of the Northwest Pineapple. 

The mind starts to race like a car shifting up in gear while the body slowly winds down, settling into a heady and fun balance, thanks to CBD.

The high is both mentally energetic and bodily satisfying, which makes it great for a ton of uses. Perfect for video games on a lazy day off, or for reading a new book in a bustling coffee shop. We especially enjoyed getting out for a walk with a tasty pre-roll of the strain! 

Check out this tasty fire from Treehawk Farms or more of their family-farmed Cannabis, and look for them in your local rec shop!

Available from Diego Pellicer: 2215 4th Ave S, Seattle, WA

Treehawk Farms:


Thin Mint Cookies is another famed Girl Scout Cookie phenotype that varies slightly in flavor and effect. The nugs are a deep purple hue and caked in clear trichome heads. Opening the jar reveals a gassy cookie dough flavor that reminds me of Gorilla Glue #4. I smoked this flower using a few Raw cones. Each joint burned evenly, and to a clean white ash, suggesting a proper flush time. Every hit was packed with flavor as I detected rubber, fuel and cookie dough on the inhale and a sweet creamy flavor that reminded me of cookies and cream on the exhale. 

Effects are lethargic and couch-locking as I found myself not wanting to do much but relax. I recommend this strain to anyone looking for relief from chronic pain, insomnia, or those wanting a heavily sedative high to end the day. Look for a variety of strains from Luvli PDX hitting the recreational market as we speak.


Reeking with a tart lemon smell that bursts out of the bag, this strain is loud and tasty. This beautiful frosty bud is covered in fuzzy little trichome of tasty THC goodness, living up to the Fuzzy Budz name. It has all three of the best desired elements in recreational pot. High test results, great flavor, and bag appeal for days. It’s easy to see why it has been such a popular flower!

Cracking open a nug of the White Lemon is like shaving peels from a lemon, with bright citrus notes and heady terps that float off the bud. Cured well and with a balanced moisture content, this flower is lightly sticky and perfect for however you choose to consume it, bong joint or vaporizing.

The effects are listed as a 50/50 hybrid with some interesting mental and physical characteristics. We found that smoking one or two bowls imparts an energetic and mentally uplifting high, but taking that further turns the body into a mushy puddle of high bliss. 

Whether taking a small toke for the morning or seeking to relax at the end of the day, the best part of the effects is the mood elevation, which can be attributed to the 2.5% CBG in the flower. CBG is known to have mood elevation properties, and is used medicinally to treat depression and anxiety, making this strain perfect for warding off the last of the winter blues.

Grown over nine weeks with a 10-day flush, this beautiful plant yielded almost ¾ of a pound per plant, meaning the team at Fuzzy Budz has a lot to share! Check out this strain and more from the garden by visiting the dispensary, which is open seven days a week!

Available from AK fuzzy budz 2612 Eagle St, Anchorage, AK 99503

and @akfuzzybudz

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