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March Strain of the Month: Mexican Sunrise

March 07, 2013 | NORTHWEST LEAF

The nugs smell like agave and honey with a light hint of sandalwood.


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The perfect
way to start a day is with a bowl of Mexican Sunrise. When cured, the sultry Sativa flowers take on a light green coloring coated in frosty crystals. The nugs smell like agave and honey, and a light hint of sandalwood. This comes from the proprietary organic method used to develop this unique strain.

The entire process starts with sand. Not just any sand, but sand from local Northwest beaches. The sand is then mixed in with tequila, honey, agave and a few other special ingredients that only the grower knows. The blend was perfected in Mexico where growing in sand wasn't a choice, it was a necessity. By bringing the method here and mixing indoor growing conditions with the old school soil mix, a top shelf flower is ready for patients.

After smoking this flower, two things are immediately evident. It is organic and extremely clean, and truly tastes like tequila. It is also sweet, with honey and a fuzzy green taste, but the presence of high quality tequila/agave is noticeable. So is the high. Instead of hitting the frontal lobes like most Sativas, this strain activates the very center of the brain.

The head high is dizzyingly strong, creeping from the center of the brain right down the spine. It's energetic, but also satisfying in the body department. This is an awesome strain for daytime use, or for enjoying in early evening.


Available From:

Green Rush Collective
14608 Hwy 99 Suite 304
Lynnwood, WA 98087


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