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May 2014 Micro Strains Up Close

May 04, 2014 | BobMontoya

Looking at Vashon Kush and Old Island Indica, two powerful strains coming from a few Vashon Island growers.

This month took us to an island a short ferry ride away from Seattle. A Landrace strain from Afghanistan has survived here for a very long time. Several variations of the hearty plant have been cultivated to make us feel well. From the impressive, aptly named “Nappy Time” to the Venerable Old Island Indica, or “OII” as it is locally referred to, we had to choose just two. I can’t say enough about the feeling of good energy that emanated from every living thing in the patch of earth where these great strains live. The grow cottages, the wonderful barn with beautiful natural diffused light pouring from the skylights above us made for a perfect stage to photograph these sought after flowers. 

I’m being purposefully cryptic here with respect to the steadfast people who make this way of life their own. Far from prying eyes and unwanted attention, my first clue would be the address to meet them “somewhere a couple miles up the road, look for a man holding a pitchfork.”  


Vashon Kush was first choice for its beauty and intense terpene array. Close inspection revealed healthy happy trichomes and a sticky finger pulled back after a light squeeze to release more of the fragrant aura that surrounded it. An Indica Dominant flower might put you in your chair but this one is an exception. A feeling of wellbeing in the body with a certain creative clarity allowing for getting things done. THC 11.2% CBG .13 CBD .23 total Terpene 5.25 

Old Island Indica
is as close to the Landrace strain as it can be without flowering in the mountains of Afghanistan where it was home. Brought to the island in the mid 1970s it is one of the longest surviving strains in our Northwest environment. A potent, couchy state is where it takes you, with a great relaxing body effect.

For more information or to inquire about strain availability:

GREEN LION FARMS 2329 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, WA 98144 (206) 375-5869

ISLAND CURE 17917 Vashon Hwy SW Vashon, WA 98070 (206) 261-9261

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