Meet Cannabis Advocate Jared Allaway

June 06, 2017 | WES ABNEY

Washington's budtender of the month is renowned Cannabis advocate Jared Allaway.


Jared is a renowned Cannabis advocate who has given away thousands of “Marijuana is Safer than Alcohol” shirts to people from all over the world, spreading the message that he lives by. A longtime medical Cannabis advocate, Jared has worked in several medical collectives and today is a budtender at one of the busiest pot stores in Seattle, Uncle Ike’s Pot Shop, where he blends his mix of knowledge and humor to help connect consumers to the best pot for their personal needs.

When did you first experience Cannabis?

It was a long time ago, I was in middle school, and the first time I tried it I didn’t really feel anything. But by the second or third time I felt it, like travelling to another world inside my mind, it felt really good, happy, I laughed at everything. In 2013 I really realized that I was using Cannabis medicinally, and while Washington State has never recognized ADHD or anxiety for Cannabis, they did recently add PTSD which applies for me, and I do have my current medical card for chronic pain.

What made you want to start your Safer Shirts campaign, pushing the message Marijuana is Safer than Alcohol?

I made my first shirt at the end of 2010, I think the best part about it is because a lot of people are afraid to be an activist or don’t realize that activism is important, on the rare occasion that someone does it’s a little reward. When people get the shirt, they wear it around town because they think it makes them look cool, when in actuality they are being an activist. 

The message is simple, it’s quick, it’s true and it’s a way of coming out of the Cannabis closet without having to be a Cannabis consumer. You don’t have to consume to be a legalization activist. If everyone see’s the message it changes public perception, and law is supposed to follow public perception, and hopefully through that influence we can make changes to our laws.

What your favorite way to consume Cannabis and do you have any favorite strains?

I really like Jack’s Girl by Spectrum, the old Team Plum from medical days, all their strains are great. Jack Herer preferred indica and Jack’s Girl is a nice indica, lab report says 23 percent THC and it has some CBG. I prefer bong hits! I like the folks at Artizen, they rock Safer shirts at their grow, I also always enjoy Solstice. I like the FECO from Ethos and Craft Elixirs and others.

What is the best part about budtending?

Being able to educate people as much as I can. Washington law prohibits recreational budtenders from talking about medicinal properties, so we get creative and talk about relaxation and stimulate creativity and different things that people can interpret. My coworkers grab me when there are particularly hard questions, and a lot of people have questions and a lot comes back to the law, and I try to educate people as much as possible.

How do you try and help customers find the right products as a budtender?

I’ve served 170 people in an eight-hour period and it can feel rushed. Sometimes people have some good questions and they want to have an important conversation and some customers want to go fast. I like to put all the options out and talk price, laboratory report, the importance of all Cannabinoids and terpenes, and people make their decision. I really enjoy connecting people with the Cannabis they’re looking for. 

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