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Micro Strains: Lamb's Bread & Ultimate Purple

November 01, 2015 | BobMontoya

Every issue, we explore how growers are crafting strains with the goal of helping specific needs, not necessarily obtaining the highest yields.



My journey this month took me to Portland, where I met Alan Penson, the owner of Skyline Medicinal Growers. Skyline takes care of 15 patients and three dispensaries in Portland. Growing indoors and out, they provide consistent high quality medical Cannabis. 

The strains I selected from their inventory are heavy-hitters in the pain and sedation field. The fall brings lower barometric pressures with cold and wet that seem to aggravate joint pain and old injuries. It takes just the right combination of THC/CBD to deal with pressure pains.


LAMB'S BREAD is a solid sativa with very little CBD. It can provide the lift needed to rise above the anxiety driven by dreary weather and the aches and pains that seem to come with it. A lifting and energizing feeling to break away from the doldrums of fall is what you can expect from this sticky sweet strain that can deliver as much as 25 percent THC.


ULTIMATE PURPLE is all indica. A sweet, earthy pungent aroma gives away its body-calming abilities. When it’s time to relax, use Ultimate Purple. Be sure to have some healthy snacks handy, as this flower will stimulate the appetite. Pain and stress melt away and stay that way for a couple of hours, by which time you will be fast asleep.

Available at medical dispensaries:

Belmont Collective in Portland

RKO Collective in Portland

Bloom Well in Bend

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