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Micro Strains: Purple Elephant and Pineapple Kush

May 05, 2017 | BobMontoya

An occasional column on how growers are crafting strains with the goal of helping specific needs, not necessarily obtaining the highest yields. Photos by Bob Montoya


Summer is in full swing. Tempers flare in this most unusually hot season, and Purple Elephant is here to calm things down. Sleep and healthy rest can be ever so much more difficult when being comfortable is less than possible. When a body and mind don’t get breaks, being civil to one another is that much more difficult.

Purple Elepehant is a pure indica. It has its origins in Purple Urkel. From notes of berry to the nose, whiffs of earth and things organic come to mind. The colors are amazing with that signature purple extending into the trichomes. Mr. V uses standard HPS and Organic Nutrients, along with some proprietary techniques that render some beautiful medicine-coated buds.


Pineapple Kush is also an indica strain, but with a sweet aroma in place of the earthy spice normally associated with an indica strain. P.K. is a premier PTSD medicine. Depression and pain are eased without the knock out of a strain like Purple Elephant. Being able to relax has positive effects on anxiety, depression and the migraines that follow.

Not all growers want the spotlight; it is enough satisfaction to grow something that has a righteous purpose and is of the highest quality. In these times when our medical rights are being crushed and swept aside, I expect more and more master growers will decline to be recognized. 

This month’s grower, Mr. V, is an honest family man, working hard to keep things together in the ever-changing Cannabis climate of Washington state. These strains of Cannabis may be found in various safe access points for now.

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