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Micro Strains: ZD47 & Juicy Fruit

January 02, 2016 | BobMontoya

Every issue, we explore how growers are crafting strains with the goal of helping specific needs, not necessarily obtaining the highest yields.



This month’s strains are from the Seattle area, on the Lake. The garden is indoor growing under HPS and a proprietary nutrient mix. Zanae is a Masterful Grower. Her energy and tempo are furious at times, leading her peers. A large portion of her yields go to ingestible concentrates from FECO, to RSO and many varieties of tinctures and butters.  

Her products are potent, beware. I toured the operation for a day, settling in at a sunny windowed corner to shoot the buds coming up from downstairs. Each bud comes in a red solo cup with distilled water to keep it fresh as I set up to shoot.


First up, an OG AK47, renamed ZD47 in honor of Zanae who has managed to keep this Original Genetics of AK available. Its earthy, sweet flowery scent was wafting up and filling my head as I leaned over for the close shots. Covered in sugary trichomes, it is a joy to behold. Its Sativa Dominant mix is known to clear the airway and improve attention to detail for enhanced creativity.


JUICY FRUIT leans away from, and is a good complement to the ZD47 when you are ready to relax and wind down. Indica dominance by way of Afghani Indica makes it a sit down and relax medication. 

The buzz comes on slow and made me a little dizzy. Its effect goes long and is very relaxing.  The aroma of citrus and sweet punch finishing in the sour is a good indication of a pain killer.  

Z Girl Gardens produces the finest top shelf, Micro Strains specifically for Patients suffering from Endo Cannabinoid Deficiencies here in WA State. The clock is counting down. More and more growers are reluctant to come forward anymore, slipping instead back into the shadows. We all need to do what we can to keep this freedom alive. Do your part, like theses front runners of the industry are doing.

Bob Montoya is a Cannabis photographer, veteran & well-seasoned grower hailing from Olympia.

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