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No chugging

March 06, 2013 | NORTHWEST LEAF

Crisp, tart and potent lemonade from Sensi Sweets is really hard to put down

First of all, this juice tastes awesome! It tastes just as sweet as any lemonade, crisp and with a nice fresh tartness. You can tell it's from freshly squeezed lemons, and the berry flavor comes from a quality puree. It is also all made in a commercial kitchen, and has a full ingredients list. This type of transparency is almost unheard of with medibles, and shows the dedication by the Sensi Sweets team to make a quality product.

lemondae-quote2.jpgUnlike most Cannabis drinks the flavor of medicine in the drink is virtually nonexistent. The palate is left free to enjoy the quality of the juice, and not suffer through a heavy green taste. But just because you can't taste the medicine doesn't mean it isn't there! Small doses of this juice are a necessity to avoid overmedication. This is not a drink you want to chug out of pure thirst. Take it easy, and split it up over time.

The 8-ounce size Mixed Berry Lemonade offers a stable one-dose medible. If it's warm out, the juice goes perfect over ice. Just be sure to shake the bottle before pouring.



Sensi Sweets Lemonades available from: West Coast Wellness (206) 420-3296 14314 Greenwood Ave. N. Seattle, WA 98133

For more information: visit

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