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October 2015 Micro Strains: Sweet Baby Jane & Fatty Bubba

October 01, 2015 | BobMontoya

Every issue, we'll explore how growers are crafting strains with the goal of helping specific needs, not necessarily obtaining the highest yields.



It seems to be a small world. While combing the archives for anti-anxiety and calming strains this month, I found two such flowers. The summer has been hot. People’s tempers are short and lack of good rest complicates matters all the more. Mint therapy is one way to decompress, but when that isn’t working, these two strains will fill in the gaps.

Linda Schaeffer is the founder of Vashon Island Organics, a tier-one producer in Washington’s recreational Cannabis market. With her background in real estate, she managed to find a wonderful 10-acre plot on the Emerald Isle to continue her future in horticulture. The operation is small and efficient, producing strains that will be a delight to patients that may have to access their meds at a state store.

I recognized Sweet Baby Jane as soon as I saw it; I had covered it a year before. It is the product of Afgooey and Old Island Indica. It boasts a hefty 90/10 indica dominance that is relaxing and soothing. Sweet Baby Jane has a good ratio of THC to CBD, making all of the CBD available to the endo cannabinoid system by way of the resulting entourage effect. Earthy, with a bit of citrus smell, this after-hours strain is a solid addition to the medicine cabinet.



Fatty Bubba is Bubba Kush (Katsu) x Orient Express indica. Earthy and spicy, the aroma alone is enough to begin calming the racing mind. Colors in the live flower give hints to its restful embrace. When pressures of the day loom into the night, grab some Bubba to let them go.
As the recreational market gets its head in the game, we will continue to highlight those growers that have patients in mind when choosing which strains to keep in stock.


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