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October 2016 Strains of the Month

October 03, 2016 | NORTHWEST LEAF

Rip City Diesel, Girl Scout Cookies, and Ewok. Photos by Daniel Berman.


Rip City Diesel is a unique phenotype of Scooby Snacks that leans heavily on the Dogwalker OG side. Cracking the jar reveals pungent notes of gas and Diesel rather than the sweet and funky flavor I get from most other Scooby Snacks phenos I’ve smoked. The buds are small, dense and packed with trichomes. I rolled a joint up for a test smoke and was super impressed with the flavor and quality of smoke. The joint smoked evenly and cleanly all the way through, burning to a pure white ash. Notes of Diesel and chemicals stayed on my palette hours after smoking the joint. The effect is very balanced as it starts out as an intense cerebral high that gradually eases into a more relaxing, sedative state. Rip City Diesel is a great smoke for any time of the day as it produces a relaxing, yet functional high without any lethargic effects. 22.2% THC / 0.05% CBD. Test Results by 3B Analytical.

Grown & pheno hunted by Uplifted Farms.

Available from Happy Leaf 1301 NE Broadway St, Portland 97232 (971) 800-0420 Also available at TJ’s Provisions 1910 Empire Park Dr, Eugene 97402 (541) 505-7105


The Girl Scout Cookies forum cut lives up to the hype, with beautiful frosty buds and a loud sour funk that lights up a room. Most buds are small to medium sized and extremely dense, like little purple and green boulders covered in a light layer of frosty trichomes. Each bud is well-cured and snaps with a pop of trichomes in the air, releasing an enormous smell that slowly builds to fill a room with sour earthy notes.

Spicy in the nose but smooth on the tongue, this deep reach indica-dominant flower is a treat to smoke. Flushed properly with attention to detail, you taste the quality flavors that have made this a coveted strain worldwide. JD Dankins produces his medical plants in organic soil, giving each plant attention and love daily, which has resulted in beautiful flowers like his Girl Scout Cookies.

Big tokes of this flower deliver a lethargic and stony feeling that provides a couchlocked, stuck-in-mental-quicksand type of feeling. Life slows down to a crawl as individual brain cells fire in a perfect stoned harmony, blurring time and perception into one warm gooey blob. This is a perfect day-waster strain, meant for bowls of cereal and watching old school cartoons. For medical users, the heavy cognitive effects will take the mind off pain, and the strain is also beneficial for stress and anxiety. But watch out for the snack attack! This one is known for bringing the munchies to the party. 

Grown by JD Dankins. Check out more about this strain and see great bud shots on Instagram from @jddankins.


Only in the world of Cannabis can comparing a strain to a short, hairy creature from Star Wars be an honor, but an honor it is for this unique and stinky strain that looks just like its parental heritage.

The buds are squat, rock solid and well formed, with a tight trim job and a thick coating of frosty trichomes that sit like a THC jacket on the surface of the flower. Each bud is covered in thick red hairs, but this isn’t a bad sign. 

Just like the furry Star Wars critters the strain is named for, the red hairs are a good thing and the flower is dominated by thick patches of crystals covering dense layers of bright green underbud.

Breaking off chunks of a fat nug feels like a never-ending process, with the dense bud formation fluffing to fill a surprising volume. The inside of the bud along the stem is almost white with crystals, and has pleasant stickiness that feels light on the fingers. Preparing this flower is a pleasant experience, like pulling a fresh lemon meringue pie from the oven. The hard part is resisting a nibble of the exquisite buds.

Bred by Alien Genetics and winner of the 2013 Seattle High Times Cannabis Cup, this hairy and frosty strain has plump buds that ooze with a vibrant lemon and warm rich fall tones of earth and leaves. An indica-dominant strain that finishes quickly with heavy yields, this hybrid cross of Tahoe Alien and Albert Walker is a coveted strain and Northwest Grown’s program has it producing at the highest level possible. 

Smoking the Ewok releases thick clouds of a sweet and mellow smoke that carries through the lemon-pine flavors. The high has a fast and cerebral-dominant onset that is great for daytime activities and creative environments. 

A definite mood-elevator, this strain is great for stress and functional relaxation. An overall happy strain, there is really no wrong way to get down with the Ewok, but we recommend a sunny fall afternoon with a warm latte to fully experience this strain.

23.9% THC. Grown by @northwestgrowncannabis

Available from (rec 21+) Theorem (Kenmore) | Seattle Tonics (Seattle) | Kalelafa (Oak Harbor) | Satori (Bellingham)

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