Oregon Girl Gardens

August 06, 2017 | WillFerguson

Out on the farm with the small team behind this sustainable grow. Photos by Daniel Berman.


Oregon Girl Gardens is an Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) licensed recreational Cannabis farm located just outside Oregon City. Owners Robin and Audra have created a sustainable, self-built, mixed tier 2 Cannabis farm that was constructed on land owned by Robin’s parents. All the construction was done by Robin, Audra and their friends and family.

Power and irrigation lines were constructed by hand with much of the work being done during the rainy months. When we arrived, dogs and horses greeted us at the front gate of what at first seemed like a regular livestock farm. A windy gravel path lead us to the back of the property where the garden was set. Oregon Girl Gardens utilizes a light deprivation greenhouse that has multiple stages of flowering plants inside. Fermented Plant Juices, and parts of the Nectar for the Gods line are fed by hand to each flowering plant.


The team prefers to keep the plants on the smaller side, as they are able to give them more attention and love that adds to the quality of the end product. Construction of a second greenhouse was planned for the gravel area next to the first one. Oregon Girl Gardens’ utilization of filtered, natural air flow gives them a sustainable edge over many farms we have visited, as they need about half the cooling units to keep their environments optimal.

The farm also has a sun grown plot and two indoor flower rooms for further craft Cannabis cultivation. Plants in the field are fed by a drip system and have insectary companion plants plotted all around to encourage beneficial insect activity. No air conditiong is used in the indoor cultivation rooms as Robin and Audra are able to filter and take in air from outside to naturally cool their rooms and plants.

Oregon Diesel, Girl Scout Cookies and J-1 are some of the staple strains grown at Oregon Girl Gardens. Finished flower is available through Movement Distribution to OLCC licensed retailers.


How are things going as one of the state’s only female-operated Cannabis grows?

oregon-girl-gardens-quote1.jpgIt has been amazing, the community has been extremely supportive and the Cannabis community in Oregon and the Northwest is second to none. People often tell us that we are the only women grower owned-operated farm that they have heard of in Oregon. I know there are a few more but it’s always helpful in marketing when you have something about your company that makes people remember you and positively relate. Women empowerment is front and center in our culture and many people are realizing the value of women in trades or fields that aren’t traditionally welcoming to women and these ladies are showing that they are just as capable and competitive as their male counterparts.

I don’t think we face much different challenges than any other family owned Cannabis farm as we strive to create a viable business out of a vacant field. It’s not easy to start a business — that’s why not everyone has. We realize this is a journey and are enjoying every part of the ride. It’s getting smoother all the time as we grow as individuals and an organization. We have just begun building our team — it’s my sister-in-law and business partner, Audra, and her husband (my brother), is also involved to a lesser degree. We now have one or two trimmers working full-time and also hired a horticulturist to relieve the owners of some gardening pressures. Other than that we are owner operated and proud of that.

What's it like to grow in Oregon City?

Oregon City is really up and coming. We love it here and our community and neighbors have been wonderful and are very curious and interested in what we do. We are happy to show them around as we think transparency in our industry will go a long way to win over the skeptics and gain public trust.

What keeps you motivated?

The best part of the job is coming to work at a place where I can truly be myself. I wear what I want, say what I think and do what I say. It sounds simple, but at most jobs I’ve had it feels like one of those things is missing. When I walk into work, it feels like I have come home. Anyone who works in a field they are truly passionate about can probably relate. @OregonGirlGardens

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