Patient Profile: Dabman

July 04, 2017 | SimoneFischer

Moving from the midwest to the northwest and building a following with every dab. Photo by Daniel Berman.


You probably already like him on Instagram, or have shared a dab with him down at the Northwest Cannabis Club - so I will keep the introduction brief. I bring you the infamous concentrate Don himself: Dabman, also known as @DabManPDX.

On top of being an expert on all things dab culture and heady glass; Dabman also happens to be a long-standing OMMP cardholder. In spirit of 710, I knew he was the perfect patient profile for the job. Dabman gives us personal insight on the medicinal value concentrates have to offer, as he looks to Cannabis to alleviate chronic pain and insomnia. As a cardholder, he’s seeking consistent, immediate pain relief and dabs certainly deliver.

Our interview took place at his wonderful new place, where his “Dab Station” was prepped and ready for the company of stoney guests like myself. To share a dab with Dabman is to access the finest oil and glass the NW has to offer.

dabman-profile-quote.jpgIt’s an ethereal combination of upper echelon hash, coupled with the sting of shame knowing nothing in my stash compares to his extensive concentrate archive!

“I don’t have children, I don’t have anymore pets, I really am most passionate about Cannabis, and particularly Cannabis concentrates. It’s not a chore to me to drive all over town looking for that special gram,” Dabman said.

I first discovered Dabman via Instagram back in late 2013. He now counts more than 7,000 loyal followers, who revere Dabman as an authority figure in the realm of all things concentrates. The Portland community especially knows if Dabman is calling home about a gram – you know it’s supreme. He became the people’s guide to dabs, including glass and all the fun accessories.

“When I moved to Portland, I had been consuming Cannabis for 15 years on a daily basis. I had a very high tolerance to smoking bowls, so the strength of dabs intrigued me,” he said.

“The first time I heard about Cannabis concentrates was in an article from one of the local rags in Portland. They talked about different types of oil ranging from: brittle shatter to butters and waxes. As a stoner from the Midwest, it was all incredibly appealing. After six months of being in Portland, I got my OMMP card. My first dab was at the World Famous Cannabis Café.

Since then, I have been smoking concentrates regularly for the last five years,” Dabman said.

“One of the biggest appeals is the potency and the immediacy of a dab. Even if you have a very, very high tolerance – it always works. It will always be effective and that’s why it’s concentrates for me. I know that I can make that trip from A-to-B with concentrates - but also to be fair - I love the ritual of it. I already liked that about Cannabis back when I was smoking flower. When I first started seeing people smoking dabs at the Cannabis club, I was just fascinated and immediately drawn to it! I saw the torches and the glass and I couldn’t wait to get into it!” Dabman said.

“There is something visceral about torching quartz to exactly that perfect point, and smoking your dab at the perfect temperature is deeply satisfying to me. There is ritual to it, and now since everybody is working to keep their quartz clean and hit that perfect temperature. It seems so natural to me. I could medicate myself effectively with so little!” Dabman said.

His glass collection includes artisanal pieces by Darby Holmes and the lavish “Spore” from Hamm’s Waterworks. I compare dabbing to snowboarding in terms of gear. It’s a bit of an investment, but the payoff and newfound community is worth it to most. Dabman does suggest if you are just dipping your toes in the water; try a Cannabis vape pen first. The initial cost very reasonable ranging from $75 to $100 for both a cartridge and battery.

“Concentrates have become a lifestyle for me, and it’s been difficult lately for old timers like myself because up until very recently, being a regular dab consumer meant you had an OMMP card,” Dabman said.

“It was a very small and different community back when it was primarily medical patients consuming concentrates. Granted, I was all for legalization politically, but I certainly believe recreational Cannabis has hurt the medical community. I see great medical concentrate producers pushed out of the market due to start-up costs and ultimately the patients suffer.”

Dabman sticks to a “no filter” rule when it comes to his relationship with Cannabis. He believes being honest and open about your concentrate use will further normalize Cannabis inhalation and the medical benefits that follow.

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