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Purple Berry Kush

August 18, 2012 | NORTHWEST LEAF

The purple berry kush smells so delicious you will want to take a bite out of it.

Purple Berry Kush - AKA the PBK

14.86 THC
.06% CBD
Tested by Analytical 360

Herbal Choice Caregivers
19011 68th Ave South, Kent 98032

The purple berry kush smells so delicious you will want to take a bite out of it. The extremely dense and solid nugs have a refreshingly sweet bouquet, with a nutty kush smell lingering in the background. The nugs look like little Christmas trees, their purple-tipped leaves covered in a layer of highly visible crystals. There are so many, they almost look sprayed on.

The taste is sweet, and leaves the tongue numb but the lungs tingling for more. Heavy indica effects are quickly apparent, with cerebral numbing and a noticeable absence of pain or worries. The PBK is definitely an afternoon or nighttime smoke for most. However, for those in heavy pain, this would be a good choice for morning use. Despite being so great for pain it is surprisingly not a sleep inducing smoke. In fact, it could be just the boost you need to get through a rough day.

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great to see a good review of my strain, i spent years making it and this was exactly the out come it was hoping for. if anyone (who is ommp) would like some comes of this strain email me at

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