Review: Dab Lab Juice Joint C02 Hop Extracted Beer

April 01, 2017 | WillFerguson

Plus a review of Bhombchellys Jellys.


dab-juice-side.jpgI had a phone interview last month with Nick Arzner, owner of Block 15 Brewing, to discuss the new CO2 hop extracted beer they make: “Dab Lab Juice Joint.” 

Block 15 has actually been using CO2 extracted hops for several years now, though this is the first time they’ve decided to advertise it to the public. One of the key advantages to using CO2 extracted hops is the ability to add a bittering charge without adding flavor. The “Dab” (Dank Ass Beer) Lab series is not intended to hint at a convergence of industries, but to highlight a process that is unique, and relatable to the Cannabis industry. 

Block 15 Brewings use of Lupulin powder is another distinctive addition that aids in the dry hopping of the beers. Lupulin powder is the beer industry’s version of a cryogenic hop hash that is used in most of Block 15’s beers. These little yellow oil pods can be found inside a hop cone, and contain most of the flavoring and bittering potential from the alpha and beta acids. The ability to control the amount of bitterness being added without sacrificing flavor is what allows Block 15 to create unique, Oregon inspired brews.

Block 15 Brewing Company  | / 300 SW Jefferson Ave Corvallis, OR 97333


bombchellys-jellys-2.jpgBhombChellys Jellys is an OLCC licensed edible and extraction company. Known for having some of the most potent edibles on the early OMMP market, owner Michelle is no stranger to this industry. I tried the blue raspberry flavor, which clocked in at around 40mg. About an hour after ingesting the gummy, I felt surprisingly strong effects. My neck and back pain had almost immediately dissipated, as I felt the urge to sink into the couch for the rest of the day. All of BHOmb Chellys’ products are medicated with high quality BHO that is processed in house which allows quality control from start to finish. Look for BHOmbChellys extracts, and new ten pack of gummy’s available at select OLCC licensed retailers now.

Bhombchellys Jellys  |

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