Review: Pakalolo Palms

August 03, 2017 | WES ABNEY

Get the tropical feeling of a Hawaiian summertime smoke session with a Palm.


palms-review-sidebar2.jpgThese fun looking blunts are made with 100 percent organic natural palm leaf, which is surprisingly perfect for smoking Cannabis. The palms burn slowly and evenly, with all the satisfaction of a cigar, but skipping the nicotine and harsh taste. For people who choose not to consume tobacco products, this is a great way to consume and still get the sensation of hitting a real weed cigar.

Sparking a Pakalolo Palm is a satisfying experience, with a thick draw but extremely light smoke that is mildly sweet and compliments whatever strain is packed inside.

The Pakalolo team fills the palms with high end Cannabis strains like Chernobyl, which tested at more than 30 percent THC, or CBD rich options such as Aloha CBD.

The natural farming methods used really bring out the terpenes in the flower, bringing massive taste to these all natural wraps. We really liked the ability to taste the strain and enjoy the flavor without being overwhelmed by the wrap. All in all this was a connoisseur’s way to share Cannabis with friends.

Mauna Kea WFOG: 12.2% THC

Aloha CBD: 11.3% CBD 6% THC

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