Reviews: Legal Soda & FECO Cartridges

January 07, 2016 | WES ABNEY

This month, we review a relaxing THC soda and Purple Diesel FECO cartridges



legal-soda-score.jpgOur favorite part of this medible is the message: It’s Legal! So we chose to swap out an alcoholic beverage for a locally produced Cannabis one this past holiday and it was definitely a good choice. Popping the cap open releases a satisfying carbonated mist that tingles the nose when poured into a glass. The liquid is a beautiful cherry color, with effervescent bubbles rising inside. The taste is fresh cherries, one the company chose because of added terpenes that enhance the medicating effects. Because we have a higher tolerance, we drank a full 20mg bottle and could have probably finished two, but the balance of THC and the terpenes made for a relaxing high. This is a perfect choice for taking the edge off a busy day, or relaxing at the end of a weekend. While we do wish the soda came in a higher dosage, we enjoyed the experience and can’t wait to try another tasty flavor! $17, available at recreational stores


feco-cartridges.jpgNew from Craft Elixirs is a quality recreational cartridge offered at a fair price for the cannabinoid content. While many cartridges in recreational stores are running at $60 or more, this basic option stands out for quality and fairness. Processed with organic cane alcohol, this product is as natural and whole as an extract can get. There is no artificial flavoring or chemicals, just Cannabis and a small amount of residual alcohol. The result is an earthy and sweet-tasting cartridge that delivers an effective dose of cannabinoids. We tried the Purple Diesel cartridge that tested at 52.8 percent THC, 1.9 percent CBN and one percent CBG and experienced a well-balanced and clean high that was representative of the strain. Because they don’t use any fake chemicals, you can really taste the herbal quality to the medicine. $30-40, available from recreational stores

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