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Reviews: Tangie Banana Surprise Shatter & God Opal

January 03, 2017 | NORTHWEST LEAF

Concentrates of the Month. By Will Ferguson and Wes Abney.


tangie-banana-surprise-shatter-score.jpgThis extract smells exactly like a ripe tangerine and banana fusion that reminds me of the tangerine flavor of Fruitopia. The concentrate is very stable and you can nicely break off little shards for dabs. The shatter was packaged in PTFE in order to make it visually appealing and easy to work with. The oil has a beautiful orange amber sheen, suggesting it was processed from fresh, terpene-rich material. Dabbing this at a low temperature unleashes an explosion of citrus flavor that coats the mouth after just one dab. A wonderful tangerine and melon flavor comes through on the inhale while the exhale is more of a banana cream pie taste. The dab was super smooth with minimal lung expansion. The effect is euphoric and uplifting, which makes this perfect for daytime medication, especially before being active. Processed by Willamette Valley Alchemy | Cultivated by Yerba Buena Farms. Available from: AmeriCanna Rx, Jamaica Joel’s, Oregon’s Finest and Serra.


Like the legendary nectar of the gods, this sugar wax is a golden shiny explosion of flavor, the true essence of the God Opal.

Slowly unscrewing the lid reveals a bright and sweet taste of floral honey, light citrus and lavender. Light hits the waxy structure with a glistening rebound, making the oil shimmer as it sits inside the glass jar. The consistency is perfect for dabbing, with a light oily sheen on the delicate crumbles as it perches on a dab tool. The terpenes on this oil are out of control, and they tingle the frontal lobes and illuminate the mind before the first dab is even consumed.

Vaporized at low (read as low-low) temperatures, the flavor and taste is simply spectacular. Sweet floral notes meet earth in a light and dry smoke that kisses the lungs and exhales with a rush that runs through the body like a lightening bolt. Instantly relaxing and euphoric, sounds are sharpened while the eyes relax and the mind slowly calms down, settling into a warm and fuzzy body and mind melt.

The dab leaves a light lemon flavor on the palate and in the nose, and breathing seemed to open up as the high terpenes interact with the Cannabis. This beautiful oil definitely deserves its name, and lucky for us, this nectar can be purchased at your local weed store, not Mount Olympus. Processed by Dabstract. Available from (rec 21+) 2020 Solutions (Bellingham), Bud Hut (all locations), Fweedom (Mountlake Terrace), Clutch Cannabis (Renton), Clear Choice Cannabis (Tacoma).

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