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Concentrates: THCA Crystalline & Tangie Live Resin

October 02, 2016 | NORTHWEST LEAF

Wes Abney and Will Ferguson review October's concentrates of the month.


thca-crystalline-score.jpgProcessed by Oleum Extracts: A pure white concentrate that appears like a crystal or diamond, this fluffy, lighter-than-air substance packs a huge medicinal and recreational punch. It is ingested in two main ways: orally alone or combined with other cannabinoids, and vaporizing it.

Raw THCA is nonpsychoactive and interacts with the body very differently than normal THC. It works medicinally for inflammation and pain, has anti-epileptic properties and is effective for stress and anxiety. It is also safe to give to patients who have mental sensitivity to THC and seek a form that won’t cause psychoactivity.

Vaporizing is the second, more fun way to take THCA. The concentrate can be dabbed alone, and is best dabbed at a higher temperature when consumed as compared to normal BHO. Alone, the acid has little to no flavor, with a light and airy vapor that feels like inhaling an essence of Cannabis rather than a fat dab. We found the best results for flavor and effect involve dipping a sappy concentrate (rosin, BHO or CO2) into the crystalline, making a double-layered dab that delivers both flavor and potency.

Dabbing this results in what can only be described as a “Cannabis upper,” with heavy and instant sativa-like effects. 

But comparing this high to others in the world of dabbing wouldn’t do the product justice, because the effects are unique to this form of oil. The high starts right behind the eyes and ignites cerebral activity, increasing thinking and elevating mood. The body high follows quickly, with energy reaching out to the limbs and increasing energy circulation. 

A perfect go-anywhere do-anything high, just be sure to have plans and something to do before smoking this! ($150, 0.5g |


tangie-live-resin-score.jpgEvery dab of Tangie Live Resin from Dirty Arm Farm is like taking that first bite into a perfectly ripe orange: a citrus explosion. The team at DAF swears by the phrase “propagation to parchment” as their single-source organic farm sets an industry standard for live resin. This tangle is a sappy pull and snap consistency, making it difficult to portion out dabs due to the high terpene content. 

Low-temperature dabs of this extract taste phenomenal and are complimented by a happy, uplifting and euphoric high. The effects last for about two hours and are perfect for consumers looking for an active, energetic high that is great for hiking and other outdoor recreational activities. Look for the Dirty Arm Farm line of organically produced syrups, tinctures, capsules, flowers and extracts at a recreational outlet in the near future.

Grown & processed by @dirtyarmfarm. Available at AmeriCanna, Natural Wonders, Oregon’s Finest and TreeHouse Collective.

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