Seattle's Most Stoned Emcees

September 04, 2017 | NORTHWEST LEAF

Rising local artists who love Cannabis discuss their music, strains of choice and what the music industry is really like. By Mitch Pfeifer of | Photos by Daniel Berman


Northwest hip-hop has been a smoldering hotbed for the last decade. Independent artists have truly paved the way for the new generation of Seattle rap. For the most part, only our region has tasted the sweet sounds that resonate in the Pacific Northwest. Much like Cannabis and local craft beer, our region has experienced great home grown products that the rest of the nation has yet to discover.

Over the last seven years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with and covering the most promising talents this region has to offer. I wanted to sit down with some of the hottest up and coming local MCs and chop it up with them about music, Cannabis and how they intersect. We arranged private smoke sessions where our team could chill and talk music together. Sitting not too far from Rainier Brewing Company, we grabbed two half ounces of Seattle’s Private Reserve from Diego Pellicer to really set the tone. As we smoked, we talked industry hustle, Cannabis and making music.

Get to know the names of Seattle’s hottest new hip-hop artists and their weed habits. These cats will out-smoke you, out-rap you and most importantly, out-work you.


Gifted Gab has become one of the most prolific rappers to emerge from Seattle. She’s toured the country, partnered with Swisher Sweets and been written about in Time magazine.

How long you been making music? 

Hella. For a long time. For hella! I’m just a music motherfucker you know.

How does Cannabis intersect with your creative process?

I mean it’s the only thing that works with my creative process. Other than just my own thoughts, but the Cannabis just takes it to another level. There’s also the culture within the weed, not just smoking it.

What’s your preferred way to smoke?

Blunts. Maybe sprinkle some hash in there. Usually just blunts.

What’s your favorite strain?

Dutch Treat. Then that Pineapple Haze from Fire Bros. Man, they have the best Pineapple Haze on the planet. If you’ve never had that, go get that. It’s a real high sativa. I like that.

Do you buy from rec stores?

Not really. I come from the medical world, you know what I’m saying? I still have those connects. If I want some shit they ain’t got, I’ll go to the store. It’s usually a ‘hold me over’ purchase. I’ll go get that on my way to get my other weed.

What is one thing you want people to know about Gifted Gab?

I’m multi-faceted. I’m a renaissance woman. 

Do you prefer rapping or singing?

I don’t really prefer either over the other. I grew up in the church, you know? And when you grow up in the black church, you didn’t really have a choice if you want to sing, so I grew up singing. It’s more fun to make R&B songs. The writing process for making ballads and such. I like the essence of it, R&B and Soul. I don’t like to do too much. But when I’m rapping I can say whatever I want.

Do you prefer to smoke before, during or after a show?

Man, you know the way the laws have changed, they’ve really fucked it up. You can’t smoke on stage like that anymore! I definitely get a lot of weed thrown at me during shows being known as a mad pothead. I definitely smoke before shows but more so afterwards. I prepare pretty tough so I’m ready to rock a show at any point.

Favorite stoner movie?

“How High.” I love Method Man. Of course “Half Baked.” There’s many. “Grandma’s Boy,” that’s the shit. “How High,” would definitely be number one.

Do you have any projects coming up?

I’m working on a project right now but I don’t want to put a release date on it yet. The project is produced by Antwan Vision. He’s producing the whole thing. And then I’m doing a bunch of stuff with people I meet on the internet and through touring.

Anything else?

I also do art, “Gab Did It” check that out. DM me on Instagram for that!


Kung Foo Grip is a Seattle duo known for woke music and lit performances. Comprised of Greg Cypher and Eff Is H, the group is classic hip-hop meets the sonic demands of today.

What do you represent?

Greg: Seattle hip-hop. Good music.

How long have you guys been making music?

Eff: Nine years as a group. Way before that as solo artists making music.

When did you start smoking weed?

Greg: 13. Eff: 14. 
Greg: I didn’t start smoking weed regularly till like 17 or 18.

What’s your preferred way to smoke?

Greg: Spliffs and blunts.
Eff: Spliffs very much. A lot of people don’t really rock with the spliff. It started as a way to conserve the weed but after a while it just became what I dug.

Favorite stoner movie?

Greg: “Half Baked.” Eff: “Jacob’s Ladder.”

How does weed intersect with your creative process?

Eff: I tend to write with a little bit of caffeine and a spliff rolled up. It’s just what I feel comfortable with. Not reliant but definitely comfortable to get things going.
Greg: I smoke a lot of sativa strains. So that like definitely gets me creative and in the mood. It’s like “boom,” things are popping in my head left and right. Start putting words to the paper.

Do you prefer to smoke before a show, during a show or after a show?

Greg: Smoke the entire show.
Eff: The entire show but I definitely go harder after I perform.
Greg: Yeah you have to stay hydrated up on stage.

What’s one thing people should know about Kung Foo Grip?

Eff: That we’re the best around. Really. Truly. The new project we got coming out is so good. It’s going to bring tears to eyes. Blood, sweat and tears went into making it. People will be dropping to their knees. Really, it’s that life changing shit. You know we’re out here to change people’s lives, hopefully some for the better but change them nevertheless.
Greg: Yeah...what he said.
Eff: The best shit. The best shit. It’s not a joke, it’s not a game.
Greg: Yeah, and smoke weed every day bro.

What’s the music dropping?

Eff: We have a video coming. It’s coming soon, maybe next month but stay tuned. Everything will be announced shortly.
Greg: It’s coming, real soon.

Where can we find your music?

Eff: you can find everything your heart could desire.
Greg: Yeah go check that!


Yodi Mac is a new rapper to the Tacoma area. Hailing from Coeur d’Alene, the stony rapper has already performed in front of thousands, opening for major artists all over Washington.

What’s one thing you want people to know about Yodi Mac?

I fuck with weed and positivity.

What music do you have coming out?

I just dropped the video to “Bag It All Up.” I have a few other videos dropping soon. Running some single releases for a while. I may drop the video to “40,025 Minutes,” but I don’t know just yet.

How does weed intersect with your creative process?

I mean I’m usually high, so it’s just already a part of it. I have a lot of weed in my music. It’s a heavy influence in the music.Selling weed beforehand and now I sell weed legally. A lot of my fans are in that same area. Weed is a common thing amongst my crowd.

What’s your favorite strain?

Willies Wonder Kush.

You smoke that yet?

I was skeptical at first, but the first time I smoked it I was way too high.

What is your favorite way to smoke?

Blunts with Swishers. I really prefer Swishers because of the process. I like to break it down and roll it. Love the way they smoke.

When do you like to smoke during a show?

Smoke before and after always. I’ll smoke during, if the energy is right.

What is your favorite stoner movie?

“How High.”

Anything else you want people to know about Yodi Mac?

Come fuck with 25Trees. I’m about to start a podcast with 25Trees productions Two Five Trees Productions where I connect our audience to new products and my experience with them. Eventually I want to incorporate local musicians, artists and Cannabis industry people to promote what they’re doing. 25Trees productions. I got a lot of other dope stuff with them on the way. More music videos like I said — stay tuned!


WebbWavvy has made a name as a performer, solo artist and member of one of the most live crews in Seattle called Fine Malt Lyrics.

Do you buy weed from the store or on the streets? 

I buy a little bit of both. Mostly from the dispensary, you know.

What catches your eye about Cannabis?

It’s got to look good. It’s got to smell good. I don’t always pay attention to a certain brand. It may be something new or a deal. The eye appeal is the real key. 

When did you start smoking weed?

Ten years ago. I started when I was 16. When I stopped playing sports, I started smoking. I was rapping at 17.

How does weed fit into your creative process for making music?

I got to have weed. But I smoke every day, you know? Without weed, would the music ever get done? It’s just a part of the daily process. I got to have weed, it’s such a natural thing at this point.

What do you want people to get from your music?

I do a little bit of everything. I like to keep my music as a variety. Not all of my projects have to necessarily sound the same. I give them whatever I’ve been feeling. Wherever my mood’s been. My music is mood-based. I’ve been in an angry mood lately, so there’s been a lot of bars in there lately.

What is one thing you want people to get from your music?

It’s fire. It’s hot. It’s all relatable, it’s good music. I’m good at what I do.

When do you like to smoke during a show?

Before just to keep cool, during is dope and after is necessary.

Favorite stoner movie?

“How High,” of course. That’s definitely the number one for me.

Favorite strain of weed?

OG Kush. Probably been smoking that a lot recently but I’ve been smoking (a lot) lately.

Anything else for the people?

Instagram WebbWavvy. Spell it right! Spotify me, YouTube me, check me out anywhere. I’m everywhere.

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