Siskiyou Sungrown Full Extract Cannabis Oil Review

January 02, 2018 | WillFerguson

THC, 1:1 and CBD varieties.


siskiyou-sungrown-q.jpgSiskiyou Sungrown is one of the only recreationally licensed companies that actively processes Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) also known as Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO) for the legal market in Oregon.

The oil is considered an extract, which allows dosing to exceed the 50mg limit set by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) for recreational consumers.

The oil comes in a syringe applicator with a suggested serving size equal to a grain of rice. The RSO is fully activated, so it can be used topically, ingested or smoked, providing the user multiple options to find out what works best.

With this being one of the most potent and effective forms of Cannabis medicine, it is equally important that the same care that goes into the extraction of the cannabinoids is also present in the cultivation of the starting material.

Each plant is grown organically without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, ensuring a clean and contaminate free product. This is especially good for those with compromised immune systems.

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