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Strain of the Month: Jack of Spades

November 08, 2017 | WillFerguson

Ace of Spades x Jack the Ripper from Lazy Bee Gardens. Photo by Daniel Berman.


strain-month-december-2017-quote.jpgElegant curves of sun grown Cannabis sit as they did for months under the hot sun, filling a glass jar with a gourmet flavor and spectacular jar presence waiting to be smoked—or put on display.

While it’s relatively easy to display a ship in a bottle, nobody ever thought a ship would be good to smoke, so we challenge you to sit one of these custom strain jars on your desk or credenza and not smoke it. We failed, and learned that picking up a hand trimmed sun grown cola from Lazy Bee Gardens requires a level of commitment that is completely worth it. You have to smoke something truly beautiful. Luckily the flower is available in standard grams to ounces, but the colas are what truly represent that best attributes of the Jack of Spades, and the effort put in by the Lazy Bee team.

This indica-dominant hybrid cross of Ace of Spades and Jack the Ripper has a sharp and cutting effect on the nose that is all ripper, with pine and fresh Cannabis notes rising out of the flower that are so bright as to cleanse the palate—a purifying clean flavor with a subtle and exquisite Cannabis tease at the core. Snapping a bud reveals lighter notes of lemon and vanilla, with a hint of cheese and a subtle dankness that hints at the Ace of Spades earthy parentage.

All the jars of Lazy Bee strains are sent in cardboard as well, protecting the Cannabinoids and terpenes and preserving the flower. As the buds fall off the center stem, they have a natural snap and crumble under pressure to form the best consistency for rolling or packing a bowl.

The first inhale is smooth and warming, with a fresh pine flavor that provides an initial burst of euphoric energy. Within 20 minutes and a few more puffs the euphoria begins to melt into a hazy and delightful high, perfect for doing nothing at all in the best way possible.

Give this strain a try and check out the rest of the sun grown fire flower and oils coming from the Lazy Bee Gardens at local recreational stores.

Available from:
Treehouse Club Spokane
Buds Garage Everett
Hashtag Seattle & Redmond

Find more information and locations 
on their website at

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