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Strain of the Month: Star Killer OG

January 03, 2018 | WES ABNEY

January 2018's strain of the month is Star Killer OG from DogHouse Farms: 28.13% THC. Photo by Daniel Berman.


Crush your New Year’s resolution anxiety this year with an uplifting hybrid that will help you forget the extra helpings and impossible gym goals in a wave of euphoric stony goodness.

The term bag appeal should have a photo of this Star Killer OG next to it in the weed dictionary, a hard-hitting strain that delivers on looks and flavor. A classic strain done right, this is a refined Star Killer OG that delivers in every category.

One of the most beautiful strains we’ve seen in the recreational market, the team behind the flower did an excellent job bringing the Cannabis to market. Doghouse farms is a brand new to Washington producer bringing the fire to shelves, and their Star Killer OG is a true top shelf example of high end Cannabis.

Big beautiful buds glisten with trichomes and purple hues blend in to the light green body of the flower, with a perfect structure and a model’s presence. The buds are solid in density and cured well, with hand trimmed nugs that were clearly loved from start to finish. Snapping into a bud delivers earthy and piney notes that are all classic Kush, with a sour heady funk that will curl the nose in delight for what’s to come.

Smoking this flower is an absolute pleasure, from the burn to the sweet exhale. The first notes are all sour Kush, with the piney sweetness coming in on the exhale and lingering on the palate.

Effects begin swirling in the mind instantly, numbing the frontal lobes while sending a rush of stoned euphoria throughout the mind. Body effects come next, with a melting warmth that heads to fingers and toes, relaxing muscles and sending tension out with each exhale of smoke.

Star Killer OG is known both for an uplifting high that can crush stress, which is perfect for the anxiety the New Year brings about resolutions. Don’t try to change too much, but do give yourself the chance to try out this new farm and strain.

With a happy and uplifting high and incredible flavor and smell, you’ll be happy you did.

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