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Strains of the Month: April 2017

April 02, 2017 | NORTHWEST LEAF

April 2017's strains of the month are Recon, Super Lemon Haze, and Blue Beast.


Recon is a cross of LA Confidential and Cannadential bred by DNA Genetics. The Eugreen team has held onto this strain for quite some time, as I remember seeing it in their medical dispensary a few years back. Each bud is expertly handled as there is no visible trichome degradation even after packaging. The buds have a dark purple hue complimented by vibrant orange hairs reaching from every calyx. The terpene profile is rather unique and complex, I detected notes of lavender, cream, and spice. I rolled up a few joints and smoked them with some buddies. 

The smoke is incredibly smooth as each hit burns to a pure white ash and the flavor stays present throughout the joint. The effects are relaxing, calming, and not too tiring given the lineage. This strain is ideal for consumers who need pain relief but also need a functional high. 


Super Lemon Haze is a classic sativa strain that carries heavy citrus and lemon notes. This phenotype, grown by Heavenly Buds, carries a similar yet unique, lemon grapefruit-like terpene profile. The buds are pungent and have electric orange hairs weaving in-and-out of the calyxes. Grinding down buds reveals a more intense lemon peel smell that takes over the entire room. 

Each nug is sticky and covered in trichomes from the stem to the top calyx. I smoked a joint with a few friends in order to reconcile my thoughts on the quality of smoke. The joint burned evenly and smoothly all the way till the end. Each hit was just as flavorful as the first,  burning white ash till the very end. 

I expected the high to be strong and disorienting, like most Super Lemon Haze I’ve smoked, however it was very uplifting and functional. I wrecommend this strain to consumers looking to have a functional, energetic high that enhances productivity.

20.3% THC | 0.28% CBD // Available from 21+ Recreational Cannabis Shops //


A local cross of Blueberry and an unknown AK strain, the Blue Beast is a unique and local strain that blends beauty and a loud smell and flavor, grown by a private citizen.

The purple-hued buds are solid and thick, with a tight trim job and a frosty coating of delicious trichomes. Opening a jar of the flower releases a heady loud smell of blueberry muffins, with a sharp and tangy lemon background and light earthy hint that lingers behind the brighter blueberry notes. The strain smells good enough to eat, but smoking it is the best way to enjoy the Blue Beast.

Each bud feels impossibly thick, with a firm density and a more oily than sticky feeling of trichomes and terpenes rubbing off on fingertips. The cure is well-balanced. Breaking off a piece of a bud is like pulling solid cotton candy, and reveals a deeper earthy and fully skunk flavor that spreads from the stem.

Ripping a bowl through a water pipe reveals a truly mellow smoke, one that enters and exits and leaves the mind wondering, “Did I just take a toke?” Effects follow quickly, along with a tingly Blueberry case that pops on the palate after exhale, and the answer is quickly revealed.

The hazy high sends the mind spinning sideways into euphoria and full-on time-warp. The mind slows down to a speed that can only be described as superbly stones.

This is the perfect strain to smoke before a movie, or for a relaxing evening, and has enough sativaesque carrying power to rise through the heavy indica effects for a fun and relaxing high.

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