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Strains of the Month: Candyland, Triforce Moon Rocks, Denali

November 03, 2016 | NORTHWEST LEAF

November's strains of the month!


The outdoor season this year has been epic, producing buds so coated in delicious THC that walking through a field of flower feels like the name suggests.

But forget the board game, this is the real deal Southern Oregon outdoor that people all over the world long for. This strain was grown in the Ashland area in light-dep greenhouses, and finished in late July with spectacular results. The team at Skunk Train Farms put a lot of love and energy into their plants, and the proof is in the test results: a superb 27.34% THC.

This sativa-dominant hybrid cross of Granddaddy Purple and Bay Platinum Cookies loved the outdoor environment, stacking trichomes and building up a heady level of terps to tickle the taste buds. Most buds were medium sized with a solid density meeting a natural, slightly fluffy bud structure. Each piece snaps easily, pulling pieces of nug off the stem and leaving fingers lightly sticky and oozing a sweet and earthy smell.

The flower has a sweet and mineral-earthy flavor that starts with a warm sugary flavor and finishes with a spicy and skunky finish. Effects of this strain hit quickly, imparting euphoria and happiness while creeping through the body, eliminating pain and anxiety and slowing time down just enough to make the day enjoyable. This strain is great for daytime use or the last hours of an evening, and especially for going out or being social.

Available from Ocean Grown Cannabis Company 

13580 SW Hwy 99W McMinnville, OR 97128 

(503) 687-2668


Like little boulders of dense THC in three different natural states, these moon rocks will take you to space and back!

Although this could be considered a Strain and Concentrate of the Month combined all in one, we don’t mind the opportunity to blast off. Caviar is traditionally made in a multi-step process, with the first being to take a dense and solid strain with small to medium sized nugs and roll them in oil, usually BHO but sometimes FECO or CO2. 

This leaves the bud with a sticky coating of oil, which is then carefully rolled in kief or solventless bubble hash. The grade of the finished caviar depends greatly on the quality of the products it is made from, and how it is cured before smoking. 

Luckily for us and smokers everywhere, the team at Dynamic Harvest did a great job developing their caviar. Each tight nugget of AK-47 is rolled in CO2  and then dusted and rolled in a light blond kief. When we opened a container, we found the kief was nicely dried and melded to the bud, and that breaking pieces of the bud open held the layered integrity together. 

We liked snapping the buds in half to load in a bowl, leaving the kief side up, which allows the hash to bubble and melt into the flower as the bowl is first fired up. Smoking a bowl of caviar is different than regular flower. To start, you want to use the lighter’s flame on as small a section of the overall bowl as possible, allowing the kief and oil to melt and slowly combust. Once the bowl is cherrying, deep tokes can be taken, with a small bowl lasting five minutes or longer with continuous puffing.

The smoke from this caviar was light and sweet in the lungs but heavy on exhale as the three-way THC combo goes to work. This is a heavy high, hitting body and mind equally and quickly, and lasts for several hours. We enjoyed smoking bowls before chilling to a movie or before a nice relaxing autumn walk. But be warned; a little goes a long way, which also explains the elevated price per gram, but trust us when we say it’s worth it. A lot of love (plus kief and oil) goes into this product.

Available from (rec 21+) Greenside | The Kushery | Emerald Haze

Euphonium | Theorem | Mary Jane | White Rabbit


This fruity and tangy sativa strain is the result of a decade of breeding experience, passion and love that represents the best of what the Alaskan Cannabis industry has to offer.

Over the last 10 years, Jeff has meticulously worked to create this strain and others, making crosses and blends to find the best attributes possible. This also protected the original pure sativa Matanuska Thunderfuck line, ensuring that the original genetics were allowed to prosper while also using them to create new strains for the future like the Denali OG.

The lanky sativa has a sour-sweet smell even in veg, a rare attribute for Cannabis plants. She takes between 90 and 110 days from seed or clone to finish properly. Even when vegged 25-30 days, she is still looking at 65 days in a 10-gallon pot. This plant was grown in a container with a soilless medium, with an expected yield of five or so ounces.

Grown in 100-gallon containers with Veganic Kelp and worm meal, she will get 14 feet tall and can yield nearly five pounds of tops.

We got to sit down with the small batch grown from Alaska and give the flower a true smoke and taste test. The first thing we noticed was the sticky layer of frosty trichomes that cover the flower.

The lightly yellow and amber colored leaves mix with the bright green body of the bud and every inch of the surface area is liberally coated in a tangy resin that sticks to the fingers and lingers in the nose. The raw smell of the flower is sharp and fruity, but also complex with layers of earth and a pungent mineral taste that finishes with a slight mint and eucalyptus on exhale when smoked.

Smoking this flower is a euphoric and heady experience, definitely a real calendar clearer.

The high hits the body and the mind hard and fast, and can be positively overwhelming. A small bowl will leave just enough functionality to float through a normal day without pain or anxiety, but taking down a couple joints of this will leave you locked on the couch. Effects last two to four hours, leaving the user in a blissful state of sativa high.

Look for more on this strain and the breeding Jeff has done in future issues of the Leaf, and his soon-to-publish book on the MTF legend!

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