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Strains of the Month: February 2017

February 03, 2017 | NORTHWEST LEAF

Putting our spotlight on Amnesia and Critical Sensei Star strains. Photos by Daniel Berman and Oscar Avellaneda-Cruz.


CLANDESTINE GARDENS / 26.3% // Light green buds of Amnesia sparkle in the light, with frosty crystals dancing before the eyes in a comforting display of raw THC and top shelf bud.

The straight Amnesia strain has a peppery and lightly sour wood and earth smell to it, with light but sharp underlying tones of pine and hint of cheese. The complex flavor profile and great bag appeal make this strain stand out before even smoking it.

Each medium-sized nug is cured well, with a light fluffiness and an easy snap without any stickiness. Loading a bowl or rolling with this flower is easy, and the flower has an even deeper smell that’s released when broken up.

Smoking a bowl of this flower is a relaxing and smooth experience. The flower burns cleanly and quickly, releasing a solid hit that is mild on the lungs and throat. A light sour earthy taste comes with each hit, and the exhale is a sweet mellow smoke that exits without complaint or cough, with each bowl ending in a fine white ash.

A quick head rush emerges after the first couple hits, followed by a warmth that grows from the lungs out into the body. Amnesia is a celebrated indica with time-warping and enhancing effects, which set in extremely quickly.

The best way to enjoy this flower is while doing something relaxing or enjoyable, like chilling with a book and some good jazz or sharing coffee with a friend. It is a perfect out-and-about indica, but don’t plan anything strenuous or stressful. Let the waves of Amnesia bliss roll you into a fun and peaceful high.

Available from (rec 21+)


GROWN BY AK FUZZY BUDZ  IN ANCHORAGE / 21.65% THC // Our highest-THC-tested strain of the month is this beautiful trichome-heavy bud from the team at AK Fuzzy Budz. Critical Sensi Star is a truly renowned indica beloved by growers and smokers alike for its beautiful looks and heavy effects. 

She takes an average of 60 days to flower, producing frosty fan leaves that sprout out from dense and heavy colas full of bud. Looking at the plant in flower is a dazzling experience, with trichomes glistening and reflecting light from the tops of the plant.

Loading up a fat bowl of Critical Sensi Star is an experience best kept for when daytime responsibilities are finished. Tokes of the flower deliver a strong high that penetrates deep into the body, resulting in a couchlock euphoria that is extremely pleasant. 

Within 30 minutes, the mind begins to slowly melt into an indica bliss, with mood elevation and a sense of calmness that takes over the mind, body and spirit. This strain is perfect for the end of a long day, washing away stress with waves of high THC and a delicious flavor and smell of sweet earthy Cannabis.

Check out this strain and more from the team at Fuzzy Budz at their newly opened dispensary in Anchorage!


GROWN BY CERTIFIED PORTLAND / LEMON HEAD X GSC21.67% THC / 0.05% CBD // Animal Crackers is a unique cross of Lemon Jack and Girl Scout Cookies that smells oddly similar to lemon Pine-Sol. The buds are medium-sized, dense and covered in well-cured trichomes. Busting open a few nugs for joints revealed a more tropical, mixed, berry-like profile. The buds snapped off the stem with ease, suggesting a full cure. The smoke is incredibly smooth, with little to no lung expansion and a tropical flavor that lingers on the palate well after smoking. Each joint burned clean white ash, indicating a proper flush of nutrients. The effects are superbly well-balanced and functional, perfect for medicating during the daytime — I felt focused and centered. Keep an eye out for the full lineup of Certified Portland flower, coming to the recreational market soon.

Available from Nectar Portland | 4 locations

5918 SE 89th Ave, Portland, OR 97266

(971) 229-1600

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