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Strain Reviews: Llama Kush, CB Damsel, Eskimo Bubblegum

June 06, 2017 | NORTHWEST LEAF

June 2017 strains of the month.


East Fork Cultivars is an OLCC Licensed grow in Takilma that specializes in high CBD, low THC strains. This tier II licensed facility was originally a llama farm and still houses a few of the animals yearround. I was fortunate enough to receive a sample of their staple strain, the Llama Kush. The buds are rather airy in structure, and the trichomes have matured to an amber color. 

Cracking open a few nugs reveals a light cherry scent, not the medicinal cherry that’s pretty common in CBD cultivars, but a sweet, candied cherry that was pleasant on the palate. 

I rolled up a few joints of the Llama Kush to enjoy with the Leaf team so I could get a few different opinions on flavor, cure and quality of smoke. Each joint burned evenly and was a smooth smoke. The effects are mellow and calming yet functional. 

The presence of a minute amount of THC makes for a focused, energetic buzz that is complemented by the relaxing body euphoria from the CBD. This cultivar from East Fork is great for combatting anxiety, pain, inflammation and other conditions. 

East Fork’s Llama Kush is exclusively available at Serra Cannabis in Portland and Eugene.

Available from Serra Cannabis Portland / Eugene // // EASTFORKCULTIVARS.COM


Explore the universe and the healing effects of CBD with our strain of the month from the Star Leaf movie franchise!

Star Leaf is a Cannabis culture cult classic filmed in the Pacific Northwest that blends a fun mix of science fiction, humor and some real truth about Cannabis as medicine. In the movie, a group of friends seek out an extraterrestrial strain of Cannabis called Star Leaf that has spiritual, magical and medicinal qualities. The movie is a ton of fun and filled with good education and a solid message of Cannabis as medicine, and the perfect amount of laughs.

While the characters in the movie did make contact with the Star Leaf, our experience with the CB Damsel was a little more grounded. The brand is focusing on finding Cannabis that delivers in looks, flavor and medicinal effects, and we found all three with this strain.

The buds are tight and dense, coated in a light stickiness and a light frosty layer of trichomes. Packing these tasty nuggets into a bowl delivers a sweet and mellow smoke that has almost no cough and a pleasant sweet exhale. The sweet smoke leads with a note of citrus and lime, with an earthy-skunkiness that rounds out the finish. 

The effects are mellow but uplifting, with a warmth that spreads out from the lungs and eases through the body in waves of relaxation. For those looking for a low-psychoactive strain this CB Damsel is perfect, leaving the mind clear and washing away stress and anxiety while delivering therapeutic effects for pain, inflammation and a host of other benefits.

CBD is known for helping treat dozens of different ailments and this flower is a perfect way to get beneficial Cannabinoids into the body, with a sweet smoke that makes this strain a standout. 

Check out more about the movie franchise and their brand of flower at

Available from Clear Choice Cannabis // 8001 S Hosmer St. | Tacoma //


Our featured strain this month is a local twist on a classic favorite, the infamous Bubblegum that mixes a sweet taste and euphoric high with classical pot looks.

The big and fluffy buds have a medium density and a light squish, with trichomes lightly covering the outside surface of the flower. Cracking apart a nug unveils a sweet smell truly reminiscent of Bubblegum, with a light earthiness that settles in after the sweetness fades. This cross of Northern Lights and Big Bud is an Indica dominant hybrid, with an interesting flavor profile and effects that really emphasize the hybrid nature of the flower.

Smoking a bowl of this uniquely flavored strain delivers a sweet and warm smoke that is clean and mild on exhale, with a light tingle and very little cough. The high sets in slowly, this strain can definitely be classified as a creeper, slowly building up until crashing onto the mind and body with waves of Cannabis euphoria and intense relaxation in the body.

This strain feels like the old school, and definitely packs a special punch that the newer designer strains seem to be missing, despite the high THC numbers. This strain is extremely cerebral and will have the mind spinning while the body slowly melts into a relaxed bliss. The Bubblegum genetics are known for having a happy and euphoric effect that is highly sought after, and we were not disappointed with this beautiful flower!

We really enjoyed going into Alaska Buds and experiencing the “deli style” system of recreational pot. Customers are able to walk into the shop and open jars of almost every strain on the shelf, smelling and seeing (but not touching!) the flower and getting to have a personal experience by choosing their Cannabis. 

Stop by, pick out a nug of this awesome Eskimo Bubblegum, and give the deli style experience a try for all your Cannabis needs. And look for other great strains and quality products from Budding Alaska!

Available from Alaska Buds // 1005 E 5th Ave, Anchorage, AK 99501 // (907) 334-6420 // open 2pm-8pm mon.-sat. //

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