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Strains of the Month: May 2017

May 06, 2017 | NORTHWEST LEAF

This month's strains of the month are Candyland, Medicinal Mass, and Shaolin Kush #2.


Bigfoot may not be real, but the farm that takes its name from the creature is producing some legendary greenhouse Cannabis in the middle of winter.

Candyland features thick and chunky buds with a well-done cure that shows attention to quality and detail. The flower itself is multi-colored, with hues of purple mixed in with dark and light greens and a healthy coating of frosty trichomes. Squeezing a bud or snapping a piece off delivers a light stickiness and a satisfying snap, along with a plume of dank that will quickly fill a room.

The dark, sour and rich notes of chocolate hit the nose first, with more complex flavors of earth, pine and sugar follow up to tickle the nose and tease the taste buds. Candyland is a cross of Granddaddy Purple and Platinum Cookies, and it carries its parentage straight through to flavor and effects. 

Loading a bowl into a bubbler, we lightly broke up the flower due to density and settled in for a fat session. The first flavor of the smoke is sweeter than expected, with a citrus-pine flavor that hits the palate right before a rush of the earthy chocolate Cookies flavors. Almost instantly the sativa-dominant hybrid hit the frontal lobes, sending a rush of intense high pleasure rushing through the brain and making our eyes water. After a few more tokes, the high began to settle into the lungs with a deep warmth that spread slowly to the body.

The first hour of the high was cerebrally uplifting as the body danced with the cannabinoids, and then a deep calm settled over the mind as the high fully engaged. We listened to music and went for a walk and found the high intensely peaceful. 

This crop came from a supplementary lit greenhouse harvested right at the end of winter at the Bigfoot Farms facility in eastern Washington. 

This team has released a solid lineup of strains including Amazon OG, Sugar Cookies, Cat Dick Kush and Fire OG, including their 502-market debut with this great Candyland. 

The quality and impact of this flower, and all the other quality strains from Bigfoot, is proof that not only is greenhouse flower on par with indoor, but it can be grown sustainably in the middle of winter. 

Available from Seattle Cannabis Co, Green Fire, Clutch Cannabis and Marijuana Depot.


With beautiful and chunky buds covered in crystals, the medical mass produced by and available from Green Degree is one of the most attractive CBD rich strains we have ever seen.

CBD flower has earned a reputation for being rather average, with subpar looks and a flat flavor. Not this strain! The Medical Mass from Green Degree is truly a work of art, with as much bag appeal as any pricey boutique strain.

Produced in their vertically integrated limited grow, the love and attention the plants are given is evident in the quality of the flower. Each plant is hand-watered and loved, and that translates into some really quality Cannabis. Every strain we saw at Green Degree was great quality — but above all, this Medical Mass surely stands out.

A hybrid offspring of Critical Mass, this lightly Indica dominant strain is an absolute treat. The flower gives off heady notes of lemongrass, citrus and pepper, all with a light sour funky twist. Each bud is well cured and delivers a solid and satisfying snap, releasing an even bigger burst of citrus and lemon flavors. The classic foxtail structure of the flower looks beautiful, and truly makes this bud something special.

Smoking a bowl or joint of this flower delivers a mellow and relaxing high that is perfect for any time of day. The flavor is all sweet lemon-citrus, with a light smoke that is easy on the lungs and an easy exhale. Taking big tokes of the Medical Mass delivers a high that builds from deep inside the body, slowly spreading to the extremities with a warm tingly feeling that ushers in feelings of calm and wellness, all while wiping pain and stress away.

With such a high CBD to THC ratio the flower is less psychoactive than many on the market, which is perfect for starting the day without being distracted by an overwhelming high. 

The CBD effects are highly medicinal, and great for relieving pain and anxiety, amongst a wide variety of other conditions.

Available from Green Degree 2301 S Knik-Goose Bay Rd Unit #1, Wasilla, AK 99654

(907) 376-3155 open 11am-7pm


Shaolin Kush #2 is a potent cross of Nepalese Kush and 818 Headband bred in-house by the Mindful team. The male 818 Headband, a gift from 7 Points Oregon, has been used in other breeding projects as well. 

The nugs are dense and covered with visibly intact trichome heads. A grinder is necessary when breaking down this strain for joints or bowls as the buds are far too dense to grind by hand. I smoked this strain out of a few Raw Cones and was impressed by the slow, even burn that lasted the entire joint. The smoke is smooth and flavorful with very little lung expansion. Each Cone burned an even white ash producing tasty hits until the very end of the joint. 

The effect is well balanced as this phenotype is both uplifting and creative, yet relaxing and sedative. I’d recommend this strain to consumers looking for a functional, stimulating smoke that is ideal for smoking during the day, or while at work. 

Keep a lookout: The Mindful Organics team has a few other phenotypes of this strain in the works as well as other projects using the male 818 Headband.

Available from Parlour, Natural Wonders and Sweet Leaf Portland.

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