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Strains of the Month: September 2017

September 05, 2017 | NORTHWEST LEAF

Reviews of Orange Skunk and Where's My Bike?


orange-skunk-sept-2017-quote.jpgMesmerizing citrus notes dance with dutchy-pine notes from this fruit forward slice of Orange Skunk grown by House of Cultivar. Like popping open a can of soda, Orange Skunk’s fizzy orange notes burst out of the jar, tickling the nose and tastebuds as intense flavors transport the mind to a bohemian orange grove full of dank.

The buds are larger with a medium density that fits the bud structure, featuring foxtail tips that are perfect for pinching into a bowl. Light green with a smattering of red hairs, the outer edges of the bud are coated in trichomes, glistening in resinous layers that sparkle in a close look.

With a lighter than air feeling and a pillowy fluffy texture, it’s easy to lose a few minutes just fingering the bud before smoking. The cure is perfect, preserved in the glass jars and with a light stickiness that lingers on the fingers. House of Cultivar puts a ton of heart and energy into the strains they bring to market, and the care is evident in every aspect of this strain.

Ripping into a bowl delivers a mellow, subdued smoke that is extremely clean with only a light taste of citrus. Effects build instantly from deep within the lungs, spreading out in a warming wave of euphoria and mood-elevating bliss.

The mind changes next, with a groovy time-warping happiness that enhances sound and colors, and complements the warming body high to make for an overall happy-go-lucky effect that will brighten up any day.

Stop by one of the shops carrying House of Cultivar strains and check out the Orange Skunk and other tasty options like Chem Mint Cookies, one of the Northwest Leaf staff’s favorite!

Available from Green Theory Factoria | Bellevue, WA & Paper & Leaf | Bainbridge Island, WA 
Find more information and all locations on House of Cultivar’s Facebook page


Wheres My Bike? is a suiting name for the unique cross of Hell’s OG and Amnesia Haze. I remember first seeing this strain a few years ago at Bridge City Collective provided by an OMMP grow called Panda Farms.

The buds are a dark green color and are covered in a semi dense layer of trichomes. Breaking them down for a joint released a sweet, lemon herbal profile that reminded me of chamomile tea.

Sticky nugs make a grinder necessary before rolling a joint or packing a bowl.

Smoking a few joints of this strain had me feeling alert and active. I found it to lean more heavily on the Amnesia Haze side. I would suggest this strain to those looking for an active, cerebral experience that is a great way to enhance summer hiking and swimming adventures.

Available from Puddletown Organics | Portland

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