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Strains of the Month: Strawberry Cough & More

August 06, 2017 | NORTHWEST LEAF

This month's featured strains are Strawberry Cough, God's Gift, and Quantum Kush #5.


Grown by the team at Trail Blazin’, this fruit-forward strain is as sweet to smoke as it is to smell. The buds are light and fluffy, with a good cure and a satisfying snap when cracked open. Covered in trichomes and light red hairs, the inside of the flower is a lighter green with an earthy-rich vanilla and pine undertone.

Ripping into a bowl has a satisfying quick burn and sends a sweet and warm smoke into the lungs, coating the palate in a creamy strawberry flavor. The exhale is surprisingly mild and extremely clean, almost as if blowing out more than was consumed. Further hits from a bowl maintain the sweetness, and show a white ash with a clean smoke until the last toke.

The effects start out milder and hit the mind and body separately. A light time warp is felt in the first few minutes after smoking, with the body mellowing and waves of pleasant energy sweeping from the lungs to the extremities. The body feels lighter and a feeling of ease takes over, like when the Tin Man gets his oil in Wizard of Oz. Mental effects take longer to fully hit, and it isn’t until you realize you’re high later that the true power of the sativa takes hold.

It’s not a “smack you in the forehead” sativa, it’s more subtle and layered, and the high grips the mind like an old friend, slowly warming the brain and delivering euphoria and a peaceful energy that holds on for several hours.

Strawberry Cough is known to be helpful for stress, anxiety and depression. The high level of Cannabigerol (CBG) in this flower sample brings a great cannabinoid blend to these valuable medicinal benefits, as well as lowering inflammation and easing pain.

August’s Strain of the Month looks good enough to eat and there’s no better treat on a summer day than fresh fruit and some fire Strawberry Cough.

Available from Herbal Legends  2118 James St. Bellingham, WA

Mary Jane 13513 NE 126th Pl Suite C. Kirkland, WA

Find more information and all locations at


Our cover strain lives up to its name as a gift to anyone lucky enough to taste and experience the beautiful flower from Tanana Herb Co.

Purple, frosty and covered in trichomes, this flower is the embodiment of top shelf. Opening a bag releases a cloud of thicky hashy skunk, with earthy rich tones that linger in the air. Snapping a nug brings out the lighter and sweeter notes of citrus, pine and berries, but the dominant smell is all hash. The flower is trimmed and cured with an attention to detail, and the bag presence on this strain is at the top of the game.

Smoking the bud is easy across all methods, with a cure and burn that works well in papers or for thick bong tokes. The flower burns lightly and with a white ash, very little cough but a ton of flavor that develops on the palate after the first few hits. The earthy skunk-hash still leads the way, but the lighter sweetness really comes out in the smoke, making for a balanced and layered taste experience that we enjoyed.

A cross between Grand Daddy Purple and OG Kush, this Indica strain has powerful effects. The first rush is all body, with a heavy high that hits in waves and eventually settles in behind the eyes for a calming and sedative effect.

This is a couch-locking spaced out afternoon time killer strain, with a mild euphoria that settles through several hours of carrying power. This strain is great for pain and also for heavy anxiety, as well as for stress and sleep issues.

God’s Gift is definite proof that there is so much more to Cannabis than just total THC, and consumers who are shopping based on that number alone are losing out on some of the tastiest strains and the best effects.

With extremely powerful effects and a unique and beautiful flavor profile plus top shelf looks, this is one strain you won’t want to miss!

Enlighten Alaska 2600 Spenard Rd., Anchorage, AK


A powerful sativa with exotic looks and a resinous sticky covering of trichomes, the Quantum Kush #5 grown by Ebb & Flow Farms is a perfect summer daytime strain. Lemon zest and spicy orange currents tease the nose with the first opening of a bag, followed by a more muted earthy-pine flavor that intensifies when a bud is pulled apart. The flower is a deep, dark green and sticky both on the surface and down through to the stem. It’s a highly resinous flower that is simply some of that true sticky icky.

The hits are large and the smoke carries a lot of volume as well as a potent sativa high. The first flavors that hit from the smoke are sour, with a sweetness that comes with the exhale. Effects are felt quickly within the mind—the first five minutes are a powerful swirling build up that slows down time and delivers a crashing wave of euphoria that settles into a multi-hour energetic and happy high.

With heightened mental clarity and sensory awareness, this sativa will have you motivated to get out and really experience life. But it’s perfect for any daytime activity, making even the mundane a little more sparkly.

Available from The Herbery | Tigard


women owned & operated | Ashland

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