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Susan Sarandon Discusses Lifelong Cannabis Use

January 06, 2017 | PacerStacktrain

Highly Likely: Highlighting amazing Cannabis pioneers who helped pave the way to greater herbal acceptance.


susan-sarandon-quote.jpgAppearing in some of the most beloved films of the last four decades, Susan Sarandon needs no real introduction. Through her career, she’s won or been nominated for multiple Emmys, Oscars, Golden Globes and Screen Actors Guild awards.

Like many top-tier Hollywood celebrities, Susan Sarandon is more than just an actress. She’s been involved in humanitarian causes for most of her professional career, serving as a UNICEF world ambassador and was awarded the Action Against Hunger Humanitarian Award in 2006 for her work as an advocate for victims of hunger and HIV/AIDS. She is a social and political activist who frequently utilizes her celebrity to bring attention to diverse issues people are facing around the world, including poverty, the environment, social justice issues and — since the ‘90s — the legalization of Cannabis.

She’s been open about her almost lifelong Cannabis use, saying she started in college and found it suited her personal preferences more than alcohol. 

On Andy Cohen’s “Watch What Happens: Live” program, Sarandon famously talked about smoking with David Bowie during their three-year relationship in the ‘80s. She also has noted that she smoked herb before almost every one of her award show acceptance speeches. And, upon further inspection on YouTube, they’re some really great speeches! 

In 2013, she told The Huffington Post, “I would like to see everyone be able to smoke pot,” lending her voice to support the legalization of Cannabis in Colorado.

She’s been outspoken about her views and experiences, noting that while Cannabis does have medical benefits, recreationally it’s “more of a lifestyle choice, like yoga or meditation.” Sarandon is one of the few celebrities that speaks about Cannabis like a real person. In a 2015 interview with High Times, she talked about how smoking benefits her lifestyle, saying, “that’s the great thing about smoking weed: if you lead a very, very busy life, for me, it really makes the most of the weekend. It, like, triples your weekends. If you only have certain windows to get high, it allows you to slow down and really be there … smoking helps you to connect again — to be present and conscious.”

This sort of responsible, but reasonable approach to the consumption of Cannabis is what will ultimately set us on the true path of mainstream acceptance.  Once the taboo is removed, we’ll all enjoy better access and less of a stigma attached to what we all know is a beneficial plant for humanity. Slowly but surely, people in the public eye like Susan Sarandon are helping to turn the tide on national prohibition. And for that, we can all be thankful as we begin 2017.

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