The Harvest of 2015

November 03, 2015 | NORTHWEST LEAF

A collection of photos and interviews with growers from all over the Northwest for The Harvest Issue 2015



Interviews by Will Ferguson & Wes Abney // Photos by Daniel Berman & contributors


GreenLight Gardens

LOCATION: Grants Pass, Oregon

GROWERS: Antonio and Sarah Sandoval

STRAINS: Cotton Candy Kush, Northern Lights,

Girl Scout Cookies, Rocklock and Red Dragon

Greenlight Gardens is a farm in Southern Oregon that fuels all of the JollyBee products that are in many Oregon dispensaries. Antonio and Sarah Sandoval operate this garden with the help of some close friends on a property near Grants Pass.

greenlight-gardens-quote.jpgWhen we pulled up, the first thing that caught my eye was the sheer size of these plants; these were definitely the biggest plants I have ever seen, towering at about 13 feet from their raised beds. GreenLight grows a number of potent THC strains such as Northern Lights, Girl Scout Cookies and Cotton Candy Kush that are all grown with Nectar for the Gods nutrients, making them more than safe for extraction and patient consumption. 

The garden is located on a hill so the plants could be grown in the ideal microclimate and grow to their genetic potential. We also took a peek inside GreenLight’s drying room where they had four huge walls of drying Cannabis from the first cut. Many farms in Southern Oregon will harvest the top colas first in order to give the lower buds sunlight that may have been blocked by the larger colas, and to break up some of the manual labor. 

GreenLight Gardens’ dedication to clean, sun-grown medicine is admirable as they aim to provide some of the highest-quality Cannabis products to Oregon dispensaries


Green Bodhi Gardens

LOCATION: Cheshire, Oregon

OWNER: John Bayes  FARMHAND: Ischa

STRAINS: All CBD strains // ACDC & Cannatonic

The Green Bodhi CBD Garden is found just outside Cheshire, Ore. where John Bayes and his fellow farmers of the Green Bodhi collective are donating this CBD garden to children with severe epilepsy, cancer and other illnesses. 

green-bodhi-gardens-quote.jpgThe Green Bodhi collective consists of about six farmers that are all dedicated to clean, sustainable and intentional horticulture that produces some of the best medicine on the market. I set off for a  walk through the garden. The CBD-rich ACDC gave off an incredibly pungent smell of myrcene; walking through this garden is some serious aroma therapy. The plants stood about four feet tall as they were grown outdoor rather late in the season, however, these are some of the most resinous glands we have seen on a sun-grown plant. The small hill where the garden is located creates its own microclimate — too high of an elevation for fog and at the perfect angle for max sun exposure. 

They cultivate high-CBD ACDC and Cannatonic, which have hefty CBD-to-THC ratios, ideal for children with epilepsy as such strains drastically reduce seizures with its non-psychoactive effects. This high-CBD medicine will be available to parents (21+) free of cost via Calyxes in Southwest Portland.


The CO2 Company

LOCATION: Applegate Valley, Oregon

GROWERS: The CO2 Company

STRAINS: CBD Diesel, CBD Shark Shock, Girl Scout Cookies, Harley Tsu, Hurkle, Critical Mass

co2-company-3.jpgThe CO2 Company's Sweden Farms has to be one of the most picturesque farms we visited. The garden is located on a sloping hill with maximum sun exposure and the perfect elevation. A beautiful view of the Siskiyou Mountains acts as the backdrop when looking down the hill at the farm. Guard dogs Roy and Ralphie make sure the perimeter of the farm stays free of intruders and other animals. 

It was amazing to see CBD plants tower over me knowing who and what they are destined for. When we visited, Mama Lou and crew were taking the first cuts of high-CBD strains that will be available to patients and those 21+ in flower form. The smaller buds and trim will all go to the production of super crucial high-CBD CO2 oil available to OMMP patients only. 

The CO2 Company’s dedication to providing patients with a discreet way to medicate with CBDs is incredibly admirable as many people need to discretely medicate with CBD throughout the day. While we visited, the Sweden Farms crew worked to take down the first cuts by carrying them in bucketfuls up to a de-leafing machine where they would be cleaned up a bit before being hung to dry. The CO2 Company provides high-CBD medicine in different forms to encompass those who benefit from the cannabinoid with different consumption preferences.



Oregon Cannabis Farms

LOCATION: Eagle Point, Oregon

GROWERS: Brent Kenyon

STRAINS: Jager, Green Crack

oregon-cannabis-farms-2.jpgOregon Cannabis Farm’s beautiful grow is located near Eagle Point, Ore. on a large parcel of land. The friendly owner, Brent Kenyon, operates a Cannabis clinic that has more than 15 locations around Oregon, Southern Oregon Alternative Medicine. Kenyon has been farming for more than 15 years and has been involved in the Cannabis industry for more than 25. 

Kenyon only medicates with outdoor-grown flowers as he feels it is a smoother smoke. “I prefer to smoke sun-grown flowers as I feel the artificial light from indoors makes the plant a harsher smoke,” he said. 

The garden is located at the bottom of a hillside, which gives an incredible aerial view of the plants. Southern Oregon staple strains, Jäger, Green Crack, and Grape grew in Kenyon’s garden. The Jäger has a beautiful deep purple color to it and smells like black licorice. Walking through the garden made me feel minuscule as these plants towered over me at eight to 10 feet. 

The plants receive a clean and sustainable nutrient regimen that allows for maximum resin production and growth. Brent has helped patients for more than 25 years, and he doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon.



Dirty Arm Farm

LOCATION: West of Jacksonville, Oregon

GROWERS: Jamie (owner), Dave (assistant grower)

STRAINS: Obama Kush, Key Lime Pie, Tangie, Super Lemon Haze, Gorilla Glue #4

Dirty Arm Farm is a light deprivation greenhouse nestled among the hills west of Jacksonville, where owner Jamie is dedicated to producing clean, quality organic Cannabis products. 

Dirty Arm Farm is vertically integrated as they produce their own flower, concentrates and edibles for patients and Oregon dispensaries. Jamie’s products are consistently some of the best out there, always made with high-quality ingredients and starting material. 

dirty-ant-farm-quote.jpgOnce we stepped inside the greenhouse (admire the interior photo across from editor note pg. 9.), we were greeted by a wind tunnel that continually channeled fresh air to the plants. All of the strains towered over us, with the biggest being a dense Super Lemon Haze plant that touched the top of the greenhouse. All the strains have incredible terpene profiles from Tangie to Super Lemon Haze. 

“I’m trying to grow craft strains that discerning connoisseurs will come back for,” Jamie said. Everything is grown in a no-till soil system with three rows of large soil beds. 

Lights hang from the top of the greenhouse ready to kick on just long enough to keep the plants in 12/12. Jamie grows ultra clean flowers by using wild plant ferment teas and other locally sourced nutrients. 

Everything that feeds his plants is gathered from the surrounding land. Dirty Arm Farm’s concentrates are consistently some of the most flavorful on the market as Jamie utilizes a closed-loop system and his clean, pesticide-free starting material. Dirty Arm also makes a potent medicated syrup called Sizzurp that is created from excellent dabbable BHO and is available in Oregon dispensaries.



Green Source Gardens

LOCATION: Outside Jacksonville, Oregon

GROWERS: Owners Nick & Elizabeth Luca-Mahmood and General Manager Daniel Richardson

STRAINS: Purple ETV, Pinkleberry Kush, Black Jack, Fat Stacks, Blackberry Romulan

green-source-gardens-quote.jpgGreen Source Gardens is a no-till farm nestled in the hills outside Jacksonville, Ore. The owners Nick and Elizabeth are dedicated to clean, sustainable farming that involves a recycled soil system. The soil at Green Source Gardens already contains all the nutrients necessary to grow high-grade Cannabis with a “feed the soil, not the plant” philosophy. In fact, Nick and Elizabeth have managed to replace one of their core organic nutrients by planting comfrey around the plants, which is a natural source of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Green Source grows a wide variety of exotic strains that we have never seen in any other garden. Purple ETV, Black Jack, and Fat Stacks are just a few of the strains grown at Green Source with new crosses made every year. 

When we visited, most of the strains were just finishing up with their leaves fading out beautifully into fall colors. The smells coming off these plants were unexplainable with unique terpene profiles from strains like Divine Wine x Black Goo, Pinkleberry Kush and Purple ETV. 

Three small gardens are located on the property, each with different varieties of strains. My favorite strain I saw growing was the Divine Wine, which was so purple that it almost looked black. Nick, Elizabeth and Daniel’s commitment to sustainable, high-quality Cannabis farming is admirable in an industry that’s growing.




Emerald Twist

LOCATION: Columbia Gorge area, Washington

GROWERS: Jerry and Crew

STRAINS: 32 recreational varieties

emerald-twist-2.jpgEmerald Twist sits on 20 acres of prime Southeast Washington savanna producing 800 pounds of Cannabis for recreational outlets from Bellingham to Vancouver, Wash. The operation is a state-licensed grow facility near Goldendale, Wash., a certified organic and certified Kind farm. 

Jerry and his crew are former medical growers and thus have strains that will be of use to medicinal patients who have to use recreational outlets when the state monopoly closes their safe access points this summer. The drive out to this facility follows the Columbia River that separates Washington and Oregon. Spectacular vistas on state highway 14 and the climb up out of the gorge to Goldendale is a pleasure in itself; you will see firsthand the area’s rich energy resources with hydroelectric and wind-generated energy.

The crew are expert grower/producers. I drove up to the farm for 4:20 the day before the shoot. I wanted to get a good start at sunrise as the garden came into view. My hosts had a bunk for me and a seat at their table. Conversation went far into the night as we discussed the new schedule of harvesting compared to last year when my son and I shot all 32 of their strains.

The staff is more mature than last year. The art of curing and burping the crop has become much less tedious and labor-intensive, with no heavy pre-trim by machines; it is all done by hand now. 

As patients, we’re in good hands with this operation’s eye on what is really important in the new Cannabis marketplace. This true medicine is available at the two Bellingham locations of 2020 Solutions, at 420 West and 420 Carpenter in Olympia and New Vansterdam in Vancouver, WA.





Earth Rising Farm

LOCATION: Columbia Gorge area, Washington

GROWERS: Carey and Miranda Bray

STRAINS: Deadhead OG, Blue City Diesel, Alaskan Thunder Fuck, Grandaddy Purple

Earth Rising Farm sits due north of Mount Hood, with rows of Cannabis plants and greenhouses full of organic vegetables on a south-facing hillside in beautiful Southern Washington, at 2,000 feet in elevation. 

Their soil starts out with natural tea blends and worm castings from Microbial Solutions, and the farm is 100 percent sustainable for Cannabis, turning leftover leaves and stems into compost for vegetables. This is a Cannabis naturalist's dream, one that owners and growers Carey and Miranda Bray have grown to love.

grandaddy-purp.jpg“Hands-on, being out under the sun is my passion. Prior to 502, we ran our CSA organic farm for providing veggies to 20-25 families. Recently we decided to take on this venture [502 Cannabis growing],” Carey explained. 

“I just love working with plants. That's my zen every day: thinking of nothing except plants.”

The family farm got their final license last August, growing a shortened but successful crop that fall. The 2015 season was more promising, with plants put in the ground in early May.

Carey chose mostly faster-flowering strains like Deadhead OG, Blue City Diesel and Alaskan Thunder Fuck. Those strains were cut down in early September, but at the time of our shoot, one strain was still standing proud.

“The Granddaddy Purple is one of our favorite strains and she is still going strong, with big chunky colas,” Carey said proudly. 

“We take our time on everything, hand-trimming and watering, even hand-rolling all our joints. We’re kinda old school.”

The estimated 100-pound crop will round out the Tier 1’s outdoor production, and be sold to two shops in Southern Washington.

“Amy at Green Head in Vancouver and Margies Pot Shop nearby take a different approach with a main focus to support small-scale farms and people that do unique things. That store, the product goes to a good place, not just turn burn, focus on quality and people. A different approach. We went into this together; there’s not a lot of product being sold but building relationships with people, selling your product and working with them as a team is the most beneficial thing any farm can do.”

Many would say that the Bray's are living the dream. And in many ways they represent the future of Cannabis as legalization spreads across the country: more family-owned farms taking on their economic, food and medical needs independently.

“Being one with the plants hands down is my favorite part. It feels right to either make really good food for people to eat and keep family healthy as well as this herb that is very powerful and has a lot of medicinal benefits. 


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