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October 01, 2015 | WES ABNEY

Reviews: CBD American Shaman Tinctures and hemp oil CBD vaporizers




Recently, the federal government mandated that products containing less than 0.3 percent THC will not be considered marijuana, which is a Schedule 1 controlled substance. What that means for CBD medicine is that through careful ctontrols and research, the shipping and distribution of the medicine can be done legally all across the county. American Shaman is a newly emerging company that has worked for years to develop proprietary CBD medicines that can be potentially used by anyone in the world. The key to their product development is twofold: it must contain medicinal levels of CBD, and it must not contain THC. The company has proven through consistent test results that their products meet both standards, and they began expanding into the Washington and Oregon medical markets this summer.

For regional distributor Russell McGregor, the emphasis on medicine and legality made all the difference. “I have personally tested over seven different companies’ products in the last two years and not had a single one meet the standard or consistency of American Shaman,” he said.

“They are the first company that has complete focus on the medical needs of their consumers.”

In the past two years, a glut of CBD products have been sold over the Internet, often from shady or unlicensed businesses at extreme prices. The issues with these products are twofold, explains McGregor.

power-of-cbd-quote.jpg“The first problem I have is people spending their hard-earned money on a bad product. People who need CBD are the sickest and neediest people in our country. We should help them, not take advantage of that desperation,” he said. “The second problem is legality. If you are shipping a product that is over the 0.3 percent THC limit, it is federally illegal. If the company or end user is caught with that in a non-Cannabis-friendly state, they could be looking at a prison term.”

Out of the seven companies tested over the last two years, all have had over the 0.3 percent THC limit. Many had no CBD at all. The opposite has been the case for American Shaman, which has consistent test results that are often higher in CBD than claimed.

Their process starts with hemp cultivated in Norway, where farmers use sustainable and non-toxic growing processes that make the product safe for human ingestion. The hemp is processed to extract the chemical CBD, which is then added into a variety of different products. The end result is pure cannabidiol and terpenes coming from a natural CO2 extraction process. It’s 100 percent organic, gluten-free, non-GMO hemp and has no heavy metals or insecticides. Each batch is tested using UltraPerformance Convergence Chromatography, to ensure product quality and legality.


Current product options include flavored or natural tinctures, topical creams, vapor pens and bulk-infused oils for use in commercial food production. A new 24-hour CBD patch will be released, offering users a variety of options to select how they want to medicate. Flavors for the vapor pens include Banana Sunrise, Blueberry Moon, Spearmint and natural. The effects are calming and medicinal, without the traditional high that people associate with Cannabis.

“Not everyone wants to or needs to get high,” McGregor said. “This product gives them the option to medicate without anyone knowing, and without altering their mind. It’s a win-win. You could be operating heavy equipment or driving for a living and legally not be intoxicated while getting the relief you need.” | Wholesale: Russell McGregor 253.241.2948 wholesale and sales in WA/OR and Alaska.

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