Tincture Hash Drops

February 04, 2013 | NORTHWEST LEAF

Glycerin-based hash tincture that is as potent as it is tasty.

From the Infusion Factory comes a glycerin based hash tincture that is as potent as it is tasty.

The Hash Drops have a deep and powerful hash flavor to them that complements the glycerin nicely. With large doses of 2 to 3 droppers full, the tongue and mouth go numb with the potency, a rarity that is often associated with alcohol based tinctures.

The Drops also come labeled and in three versions, Indica, Sativa & Hybrid. This takes the guessing game out of choosing random tincture with unknown strains, and allows for basic pain management throughout a day. The labeling is clear, and includes expected effects. For the Hybrid it warns of "Pain relief, personal enjoyment, euphoria, sounder sleep and general wellness." Sativa and Indica reports are typical of strain effects, though patients should expect more significant onset with any medible or tincture.

The newest form of drops tested at 6.01 mg of THC per dropper, with 30 total servings in each bottle. For new patients, a single dropper (not a drop, a dropper) should be an effective dosage. For those more experienced or with higher tolerances, 2-5 droppers will have heavy effects.

Arguably the best aspect of tinctures is the versatility. Hash Drops or other similar products can be mixed into a variety of drinks, including soda and tea. Glycerin tincture is also tasty used in place of honey to top any food with. You got to try it on ice cream!

Ask for Infusion Factory Hash Drops at your local access point, or visit for more information and locations to find it!

TestResults by Analytical360:

ServingSize: 1 Dropper Full = 0.80ml

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