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Woody Harrelson: A Cannabis Advocate in the Spotlight

November 01, 2016 | PacerStacktrain

Highly Likely: Highlighting amazing Cannabis pioneers who helped pave the way to greater herbal acceptance.


woody-highly-likely-quote2.jpgWoody Harrelson is one of the very lucky actors who have successfully made the transition from the small screen to cinema.  He got his start on the award-winning ‘80s sitcom “Cheers” as Woody Boyd, a bar-back with a good-natured, naïve personality — affable, calm and laid back. You know, some of the traits that make up a stereotypical Cannabis user.

While the ‘80s might not have been the right time to present a character on network television that openly enjoys the herb (especially on a show that glorified alcohol use), Woody Harrelson was the perfect fit to play a role that skirted around the issue. In real life, Harrelson has been a proponent and consumer of Cannabis. In 2001, he came out of the weed closet to a large crowd at Seattle’s Hempfest, saying, “I recently decided to stop smoking, but I thought more about it and decided I didn’t want to be a quitter!”

From being arrested in Kentucky for planting hemp seeds, to collaborating with Ziggy Marley on the cultivation anthem “Wild and Free,” to appearing in countless documentaries celebrating normalization and legalization (2010’s “Hempsters: Plant the Seed” is a highlight) Woody has been outspoken on Cannabis issues long before it was mainstream.

In a 2008 interview with Esquire magazine, Harrelson said, “marijuana’s about marijuana. That’s consensual, victimless crime. That’s saying, I think I should have the freedom to do whatever the hell I want to do if I’m living in a so-called free country, as long as I’m not hurting someone else. That’s freedom. If I’m gonna hit myself in the head with a hammer, so be it. That’s freedom.” Harrelson has also fought throughout his career for environmental issues, animal rights and other worthy causes.

Harrelson currently serves on the advisory board for NORML. He’s gone on record saying that he’s an avid Cannabis enthusiast, and he recently tried to open up one of the first medical dispensaries in his current home state of Hawaii. Though Harrelson’s dispensary failed, he is doing other great things for Hawaii through his Simple Organic Living organization, where one can find out more about eating a raw diet, better personal farming practices and how to live in a more environmentally sustainable way. For a primer on Harrelson’s philosophy, check out the documentary “Go Further.”

From “True Detective” to “Natural Born Killers,” Woody Harrelson has been an A-list American celebrity for most of his adult life. More importantly for us, he’s also been a loud voice for legalization and normalization of a plant that can cause so much healing in our world. Here’s to more people listening to his words in this ever so important election year.

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